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Power of analytics to decision maker

Intellicus is packed with features for everyone in the organization, from IT and data administrators to business users.

Intelligent Insights for Everyone

Intellicus is packed with features for everyone in the organization, from IT and data administrators to business users.

Business Analytics on Mobile

Intellicus Mobile BI takes your reports and analytics to tablets and phones, on both Android and iOS platforms.

Data Engineering Simplified

Define lean and scalable data architectures for your digital transformation initiatives.

Embed. Add value.

Intellicus gives the power of comprehensive Business Intelligence to your application, enabling your users to visually analyze your application data.

Real-time Visualizations on Streaming Data

Intellicus introduces real-time visualizations on streaming data enabling you to analyze your data as it comes, without any time lag.

Analytics Driven Security Management

SIEM customers are now demanding deeper insights from their data

HR Analytics

Organizations today demand scientific methods to understand human resource needs and nurture people to make the business efficient.

Data Science for Everyone

Intellicus empowers businesses to analyze their data by applying machine learning techniques, predictive analytics and what-if analysis with its Data Science capabilities.

Data Driven Retailing

Retailing has seen a revolution in the last couple of decades and has the potential to innovate further with technology and strategy.

Analytics Driven Transformation in Manufacturing

Manufacturers can leverage advanced analytical capabilities of Intellicus to dig deep into their data to explore a variety of insights and use them for process improvement, safety compliance monitoring and future planning.

AI Driven Analytics for Your Customers

IntellicusCloudBI app empowers your customers to stay on top of their business critical KPIs on mobile.

Business Intelligence – Paradigm Shift for BPO

In a dynamic business environment, it is important for BPOs to measure performance across numerous dimensions in shortest time.

Unified Analytics for Healthcare

Unify analytics across healthcare operations and empower facility administrators and healthcare service providers with real-time & predictive insights.

Intelligent Excel Automation

Automate the whole process of excel format report writing. Get error-free output, in 100X lesser time.

Intelligence Driven Profitable Projects

Empower your Project Management Office (PMO) with real time intelligence and foresight on all aspects of their projects.

Intelligent Document Processing

Expedite your document processing work and get accurate readings from different content formats in seconds.

Debt Collection Analysis

Intellicus aided a debt collection team in maximizing recoveries and reducing spends through predictive data analysis on a single source of truth.

Inbound Call Analysis

Unified tracking and analysis of all call center KPIs.

Analytics Driven Omnichannel Workforce Management Solution

In today’s world, BPMs manage huge transaction volumes daily, which comes with its own challenges.

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