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Business Analytics on Mobile

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Business Analytics on Mobile

Intellicus Mobile BI takes your reports and analytics to tablets and phones, on both Android and iOS platforms. With Intellicus mobile BI, take insights with you and get quick access to your reports and dashboards from wherever you are.

Interactive Visualizations

Perform ad-hoc and multidimensional analysis on the move with or without internet connectivity. Choose from a wide variety of charts to build visually rich reports on your mobile.

Mobile-Ready Reports

Subscribe to Dashboards and Reports on mobile devices. Update data when online, interact & analyze while offline. Compare versions for delta analyses.

Self-Serve Analysis

Swipe & tap for measuring data on various parameters. Draw charts on different dimensions and drill into details. Apply .ltering, sorting and grouping for detailed analysis. Take easy actions that do not need guidance from IT people.

Intuitive Ad-hoc & High-Speed Report Viewer

Use ad-hoc & high-speed report viewer in Intellicus mobile BI to get the accurate, real-time and interactive analysis of data from various dimensions. Intellicus responsive reports and dashboards dynamically adapt to any screen size by rearranging and resizing visuals without any efforts.

Enterprise Grade Security

Intellicus’ stringent security measures ensure that your data is safe, always. From the server, the access to reports and dashboard is controlled by your role, with an option to whitelist the mobile device from which you can access the reports. The administrator can also block the device and recall data in case of a lost device or user discontinuation. You can set a secret pin code to secure Intellicus on your device.

Embed Mobile BI

Intellicus mobile SDK embeds all the mobile BI features into your mobile application. Creating a new mobile application or releasing a customized version on the App store is a matter of few hours of work using Intellicus mobile SDK.

In the store

The off-the-shelf Intellicus mobile application and the SDK both are available on iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Download the Intellicus mobile application from the stores and try it yourself!

  • Reports and Dashboards on Mobile
  • Interactive Visualizations
  • Enterprise Security
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