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Seamless Automation of Data and Analytics

Data Automation

Automate data workflows covering data extraction, transformation, and data loading. Create schedules for data fetch and ingestion and ensure that data pipelines have the most current data at any point in time. Automate running of data science algorithms to create data models and define triggers for the next actions on the basis of the outcomes in each cycle. 

Automate Reporting Cycles

Ensure automated delivery of reports to desired recipients via specific channels, at regular time intervals. Deliver information to your users with specific parameters right into their inboxes. Intellicus offers advanced settings to schedule reports that you can deliver on numerous channels at once. Your users would not have to search for the reports, they will have the reports ready for them as needed.

Set Triggers, Get Alert Notifications

Define thresholds and set triggers across your workflows. Get notified in real-time whenever a threshold is met or an anomaly occurs. Enable proactive, informed actions across workflows with the least manual dependency. You can set schedules to send notifications to business users at regular time intervals. The schedules can also be parameterized to share only relevant information to users as per their roles and permissions.

Accelerate Excel Report Writing

Build scalable automation flows for writing data in even the most complex excel files. Retain the power of your existing excel reporting and add powerful BI capabilities on top of it. Create automated report writing templates based on your current workbooks. With intelligent excel automation, you can reduce manual interventions and control data entry errors. Deliver smart analytics in the same workbook, in much lesser time and with the highest accuracy.

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