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Claims Handling

Access all the customer data and draw essential details, including prior claims for personalized assistance. View real-time claims data with customized dashboards and CRM integration, while a dedicated OLAP engine automates querying for faster responses.

Customer Insights

Spot new and profitable prospects to gain rich customer insights with real-time dashboard updates. Monitor agent performance or identify trends in product holdings and claims data. Get a 360ᵒ view of market trends and deliver tailored offerings.

Holistic Reports

Identify the top-performing functions in your business while quickly spotting trends. Save costs and maximize your revenues with off-the-shelf dashboards and pixel-perfect, enterprise-wide reports - available with just a few clicks.

Fraud Prevention

Pinpoint abnormal activities or groups with the highest number of fraudulent claims filed on a specific period on an AI/ML-powered Insurance Fraud Overview dashboard. Create investigative reports, run trend analysis to gauge period-over-period frauds and send automated alerts.

What do you get?
Unify enterprise data for every policy, territory and business unit to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Extract information from disparate data sources, including ERPs, legacy data stores, RDBMS, big data lakes or warehouses, and cloud data storage platforms with automated workflows. Build consolidated data models with pre-aggregation and collation across the available datasets.

Centralized Data Access

Get deeper insights into your underwriting process and avoid regulatory risks with accurate predictions and granular analytics covering environmental and personal data on a unified platform. Never let any information slip through the gaps with slice-dice or drill-down in any direction.

Risk Management

Keep all your business data secure while allowing self-serve capabilities and enabling easy navigation between applications and reporting screens. Enterprise-grade security protocols with role-based access control and permission management can assure zero data leakages or breaches.

Secure Reporting

Eliminate guesswork with powerful visualizations that help in accurate variance analysis, runtime field additions, interactive reporting, and predictive modeling to minimize underwriting losses. Enable unified data views with seamless deployment on cloud or on-premise data warehouses.

Operational Efficiency

Harness cross-selling and up-selling opportunities by analyzing key metrics like individual performances, product sales, and product-wise quote requests. Get instant access to all this data on your mobile and run multidimensional analytics for deeper insights into customer profiles.

Sales Insights

Reduce overhead costs with automated reporting and underwriting processes. Recognize underlying patterns to adjust premiums and improve pricing strategies. Identify processes that can be automated by analyzing all the data, including customer interactions and sales pipelines.

Optimized Costs
    Strategic Insurance Insights at Your Fingertips
    Product Brochure
    Power of Simplified Analytics to Decision-Makers
    Intellicus empowers insurers with a 360-degree view of yesterday’s data to create a better plan for tomorrow. Simplify analytics with an advanced BI platform that unifies enterprise data and enables self-serve analytics for enhanced customer experiences. Identify patterns that point to fraudulent activity and set up automated alerts based on these patterns, while reducing the sales cycle for more time to sell .
    Case Study
    Case Study
    Leading Global Financial Authority Improves Operations with Intellicus
    The transactions of the client are recorded in the range of 20 million per day. With this amount of data rushing-in, the advisors and regulators at the client needed trends as well as deep insights of the transactional patterns and any technical eccentricities.
    Case Study
    Automating Business Intelligence for Fast Growing Credit Lending Platform
    This company offers a proprietary platform that matches small businesses to the best sources of capital. They have clients across the United States. Their network consists of 1.6 million users, credit rating agencies, and small business service providers that includes CPAs and lawyers.
    Intellicus and Modus announce Technology Partnership to Deliver Next-Gen Analytics to Banks
    The Game-Changing Role of AI in Banking
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