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Manufacturing Analytics

Monitor production in real-time, predict & plan maintenance cycles, optimize processes, streamline operations and forecast supply-chain & demand.

Fully scalable, easy to embed BI platform that can match the pace of your products and applications. You can customize Intellicus to meet the BI & Analytics requirements of your custojmers from different industry verticals. Intellicus BI delivers a seamless, single-sign on experience for your users with shortest learning curve.

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Holistic Analysis of Entire Manufacturing Data

Intellicus manufacturing analytics enables manufacturers to collate data coming from their production units, PLCs, SCADA systems, supply chain processes, ERPs, CRMs and derive a holistic viewpoint. Manufacturing operations generate and capture data from all their processes, and this data can help generate game-changing insights and enable data-driven strategic decisions.

Industry 4.0 and Intellicus

Perform Unified Analytics

Combine data from various sources, be it from IoT devices, legacy systems, production units, various plants and units and create intuitive dashboards to get clear visibility of your entire operations. Drill-down to get to the granularity of any causative factors that may help you to enhance operational efficiency. With smart UI, easily adopt this data-driven decision making across the entire organization.

Monitor Production in Real-time

Monitor production cycles in real-time and apply machine learning based analytics to derive intelligence on production units efficiency, maintenance needs, production quality, and generate alerts whenever an anomaly occurs. With this insights-driven approach, enable lean manufacturing, reduce production downtime and streamline production cycles.

Predict Supply Chain Needs and Forecast Demand

Predict supply chain requirements and analyze data related to customer demand and feedback to reduce wastage, optimize production and create better customer experiences. Apply advanced analytics and derive intelligence to detect demand trends early, improve sales strategies, and increase opportunities to grow.

Intellicus BI Solution for Manufacturing

Intellicus is a fully customizable platform and can be leveraged in analyzing all manufacturing data at one place. It can be tailored to create custom reports and dashboards based on various manufacturing processes. Intellicus can help manufacturers in deriving in-depth insights on how various processes are related and enables them to plan strategically.

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Streamline Manufacturing processes with Intellicus BI Solution