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Data Warehousing

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Enterprise Data Warehouse and OLAP


Use Intellicus in-built OLAP technology and pre-aggregate data into OLAP cubes. Perform sub-second, multi-dimensional OLAP reporting and explore all your data in a single screen. Schedule and automate building of OLAP cubes in the background and get latest data updates while reporting. Query your data much faster than relational databases, centralize your data in a single repository and get a single version of truth for your enterprise reporting. With OLAP reporting, you can slice and dice the attributes, drill through multiple levels and analyse your data from multiple dimensions for deeper business insights.

Automate Enterprise Data Warehouse Lifecycle

Create seamless connections to your data warehouse platforms. Transform data collected in data marts and data lakes and automate pushing it to your data warehouse platform. Automate and fire direct queries in real-time and accelerate the availability of analytics-ready data. Manage data warehouses on-premises or in the cloud.

Empower data engineers with agility to create robust data workflows and add new data sources. Enable data scientists to access rich variety of data for machine learning and related tasks. Perform powerful ETL and automate real-time data ingestion. Intellicus connects to all popular data warehouse platforms like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Teradata etc.

Virtual Data Warehouse

Connect your scattered data sources seamlessly and create a virtual data warehouse over it. Fetch real-time data updates from multiple sources. Intellicus semantic layer enables users to query data sources with ease and perform advanced transformations on the data to use it in reporting. Creating a virtual data warehouse significantly reduces the querying time.


Intellicus helps you create staging database to add agility to your data pipelines. Benefit your data loading, data transformation, de-coupling, debugging and failure recovery processes by forming staging database with Intellicus. Improve performance, cut costs and reduce processing time by creating scalable staging database with Intellicus.

Switch to simpler, faster and scalable data warehousing with Intellicus. Talk to us today!

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