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Retail Analytics

Omni-channel actionable insights in real time.

Fully scalable, easy to embed BI platform that can match the pace of your products and applications. You can customize Intellicus to meet the BI & Analytics requirements of your custojmers from different industry verticals. Intellicus BI delivers a seamless, single-sign on experience for your users with shortest learning curve.

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Optimize Retail Operations Across Channels

With Intellicus you get 360-degree insights on your inventory, marketing, stores, sales and customer data, from different channels, in a single interactive dashboard.  Intellicus can be seamlessly integrated with your POS, RFID, Inventory, or any other application to deliver unified analytics for your retail business. Intellicus empowers retailers to apply data science and machine learning on day to day operational data and get predictive insights to optimize pricing strategies, inventory, promotions, space planning, and improve demand forecast.

Intellicus for Retail

Customer Behavior Analysis

Analyse customer transaction patterns, feedback, social media interactions and more. Correlate omni channel insights to plan the right campaign to the right prospect at the right time.

Point of Sale (POS) Real-Time Analytics

IOT based real time data analysis, to collect data from shopping carts, POS, etc. and analyze retail shelf refill efficiency, POS performance, revenue inflow and staff efficiency.

Pricing and Product Optimization

Multidimensional what-if analysis of pricing behaviour across stores, ecommerce, kiosks etc. Aggregate these insights to plan pricing for different channels in real time.

Intellicus BI Solution for Retail

Online as well as physical retail chains have tough competition with other brands to woo their customers to buy repeatedly from them. Retailers can leverage Intellicus to perform analysis of customer behaviour, transaction patterns, operations, insights into customer experiences and can gain a decisive edge to stand tall in the overcrowded retail market.
Intellicus is a customizable platform that can maneuver to serve retail industry as need be. With seamless embedding, you can personalize Intellicus to create reports and dashboards specific to retail KPIs.

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Retail Analytics Dashboard and Visualization

Enhance Retail Operations with Intellicus BI Solution