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Data Driven Retailing

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Data Driven Retailing

Organizations today demand scientific methods to understand human resource needs and nurture people to make the business effficient. Knowing the demand of counts and skills and planning for hiring, training and reskilling, is key to any successful business. Intellicus powered by machine learning based HR analytics gives business leaders insights into demand and distribution of people, prediction of attrition, what-if in budgeting and many more.

Omnichannel Analytics Dashboard

Retailers leverage Intellicus to get 360 degree insights on all operations, across multiple channels. Intellicus unifies inventory, campaigns, sales and customer data from all channels and provides multidimensional analytics. In a single, interactive dashboard, one can compare business performance across platforms and drill down into deeper insights.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Intellicus analyzes customer transaction patterns, feedback, social media interactions and more. It can correlate promotions and transactions across different channels. Intellicus can also provide market basket analysis at customer level. Retailers can leverage these correlations to plan the right campaign to the right prospect and decide the right upsell or cross sell at the right time.

Customer Segmentation and Market Basket Planning

Retailing has seen a revolution in the last couple of decades and has the potential to innovate further with technology and strategy. Being omnichannel has become imperative for retailers to do effective and efficient business. As retail explores their tremendously potential growth across new channels, it needs pathways to analyze the multidimensional data generated from all the sources and channels.

Intellicus helps retailers to create customer segments by understanding their purchase behavior. Retailers can analyze underlying patterns of customers who usually shop together, what sells together, preferred shopping days, spend ranges etc. These classifications enable retailers to strategize their store layouts, product placements, staff placement, loyalty programs and take powerful, data driven decisions.

Pricing and Product Optimization

Intellicus helps retailers to forecast sales and profit with what-if analysis. Pricing and discounting is a critical factor to know the impacts in advance. One can do multidimensional what-if analysis to check the impact of changing price or discounting to margin improvement, inventory cost improvement etc. Intellicus does slice and dice based waterfall analysis, parity analysis to know which items are to be focused upon versus deprecated.

Demand Forecast and Predictive Analytics

Intellicus’ predictive analytics help retailers to assess the future, by not just the singular trend factor but using multidimensional, multi factor machine learning based prediction models. By scientifically knowing the upcoming demand, one can optimize the inventory, supply chain to reduce inventory cost and sales-opportunity-loss.

Point of Sale (POS) Real-Time Analytics

Intellicus provides IOT based real time data analysis, to collect data from shopping carts, POS, etc. and analyze retail shelf refill efficiency, POS performance, revenue inflow and staff efficiency. With Intellicus, retailers can analyse all these data in real time and get instant, actionable alerts at customizable thresholds.

  • Customer Behavior Analysis
  • Demand & Supply Forecasting
  • Pricing and Promotion Planning
  • Strategic Operational Intelligence
  • Harmonize Omnichannel Operations
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