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Data Science

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Integrated Data Science

Business User and Data Science

Get easy access to machine learning tools, predictions for your business, and perform what-if analysis by yourself. Bring out unknown causative factors and analyze their effect on your business’ future in simple steps. Get trendlines on your business’ growth. Visualize the predictions and other outcomes in personalized views.

Inbuilt Machine Learning Actions, Deeper Insights

Apply statistical computing to derive patterns from your historical and live data. Recognize trends and deeper insights in your data, that were earlier not visible. Intellicus offers an integrated development environment and provides a seamless connection to R and Python data science environments giving full access to all their data science libraries. Create data models for your data pipelines from inside Intellicus.

Data Cleansing and Preparation

Create data cleansing algorithms to identify incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate, and/or duplicate data. Prepare data for analysis in a fraction of the time. Reduce the number of resources and efforts spent on cleansing.

What-if Analysis

Intellicus offers an intuitive, easy to use UI to adjust the values of independent variables in your data and analyze predictions based on various business scenarios. Simply drag and adjust the values on a slider to immediately see how the changes impact your business outcome. Forsee the impact of the variations and change your business strategies accordingly.

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