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Mumbai | Feb 15
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Enterprise Analytics

Analyze. Collaborate. Innovate.

Unleash the power of your data, generate transformative insights, optimize processes, and enhance your ROI with enterprise data analytics.

Create data stories, generate actionable insights, and transform your everyday work with data-driven decision-making. Experience unprecedented growth and revenue by implementing advanced analytics across the enterprise. Optimize your processes, enhance customer experience, and discover new opportunities. Empower your business users by enabling them to utilize machine learning and what-if analysis in their day-to-day work. Gain a competitive advantage, drive innovation, induce collaboration, and encourage data culture by providing interactive predictive analytics to everyone with Intellicus’ scalable business intelligence platform.

Unified Analytics

Connect and blend data from any source or application to get unified insights across your enterprise.

Secure and Scalable

Enterprise grade security with robust role and permission management. Scale seamlessly to match the pace of your business.

Powerful Visualizations

Intuitive drag and drop interface with a vast library of visualizations to present your insights in any way you want.

Quick Adoption

Advanced analytics available for every role and department. Easy to use platform that business users can quickly adapt and use.

Flexible Deployment

Deploy on-premise, host on the cloud, or use a fully managed subscription-based SaaS BI service as per your business need.


Get the advantage of AI-driven analytics on your day to day business operations.

Build an Intelligent Enterprise

Data-driven Decision Making

Make intelligent, data-driven decisions by leveraging your business data. Stay a step ahead of your competition by making smart moves in the shortest time. Empower your employees with powerful analytics and enable them to improve day-to-day operations with fact-based decision making. Grow your revenue and expand your customer base by optimizing time to decision with easy analytics.

Self-service Analytics

Experience agile reporting and analysis with our intuitive data visualization and interactive dashboards. Give the power of self-service analytics to your employees and enable data-driven decision making across the hierarchy. Ask deeper questions, identify trends, recognize outliers, and optimize processes. Drag and drop, drill-down and up, slice, and dice your data to extract performance inducing insights.

Data Science and Machine Learning

Generate machine learning driven insights and make forward looking strategies. Uncover new business opportunities, foresee market trends and patterns, minimize risks and errors, and enhance your bottom-line. Empower your people with what-if analysis and predict potential strategy outcomes before implementation.

Enterprise Mobility

Access business insights anytime anywhere. Execute complete 360-degree analysis of your business right on your mobile. Check your business status and get real-time insights to make quick decisions. Create, discover, collaborate, be productive, and be on top of your business even on the go.

Any Role. Any Department. One Solution.

Risk Management

Complex risk assessment reports delivered in less than 6 seconds.


20 million financial transaction reports scanned per day from 700+ financial institutes.


Dynamic printing and scheduled distribution of more than 45000 healthcare forms per day to multiple insurers.


High speed analysis on big data cubes reduces 4 day reporting cycle to less than 10 mins.

Experience Intellicus with your team today.

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