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Healthcare Company Automates Reporting Over Big Data Cubes

Intellicus > Healthcare Company Automates Reporting Over Big Data Cubes

Healthcare Company Automates Reporting Over Big Data Cubes


The client is America’s leading retail pharmacy with more than 9000 locations nationwide.

The client is using a Big Data solution to build cubes over their insurance claims data, collected from different sources. They needed a BI solution that would seamlessly integrate with their Big Data platform to fetch and perform analytics over huge volumes of data.

They wanted the solution to transform their data and reports to be compliant with various government healthcare norms and regulations. Besides, they wanted to automate the delivery of rejected claims reports to audit teams for compliance validations. Post validation, the reports had to be delivered to government bodies and insurance companies.

Business Challenges and Requirements

Their BI platform was unable to load the huge volume of data coming from their cubes. With the massive amount of data being generated, the client was facing challenges in creating reports manually. They were investing a lot of time – around 3-4 days in generating and delivering reports, and then another 2 – 3 days in compliance validations.

They needed a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their Big Data platform to analyze reasons of rejected claims, automate reporting on the frequently changing data in the cubes, and distribute them to concerned people.

  • Ensure real-time data update in reports from the cubes based on time zones
  • Perform filtering, slicing and dicing on the cube data to bring out only relevant claim rejections data from the insurance claim data (from 200 million insurance claims records to around 8 million rejected claims records)
  • Enable business users to do self-service analytics based on compliance restructuring
  • Instantaneously run reports when ad-hoc requests were submitted
  • Reduce the time taken in performing validation and compliance checks from 2-3 days to a few hours. Integrate with their enterprise security system to ensure data privacy
  • Implement user and role-based data visibility, security and governance rules and policies
  • Send timely notifications to audit teams and other business users on report execution status
  • Enable submission of data and reports in the desired format
  • Schedule and deliver reports to a central location for their audit teams to perform quality checks and ensure timely delivery to government bodies and insurance companies

Intellicus Solution

Intellicus is seamlessly integrated on top of their Big Data solution and automated reporting and distribution process.

Intellicus loads and processes the huge volume of data from big data cubes in real-time for reporting and analysis. The client also had specific reporting guidelines (like following nomenclatures etc.) that needed advanced validations at different levels. Intellicus data transformation layer has mechanisms to meet these requirements. The reporting time has now been reduced from 3-4 days to less than 10 mins.

With Intellicus, their users can run reports on an ad-hoc basis andr automate report delivery. They can easily drill down to analyze reasons for rejection or declination of insurance claims. With self-service reporting, business users can make changes to the reports with simple drag and drop actions. Faster processing and reduced dependency enables a shorter time to insights.

In addition, Intellicus’ certified security complements their enterprise security system and policies to ensure patient data privacy. Various report types are made accessible to users based on their roles. The reports are made compliant for submission to government bodies and insurance companies. Intellicus generates timely notifications for their audit teams, IT teams and other business users of a successful or failed report execution. It then pushes these reports securely to various specified channels in desired formats for validations and further processing.

Business Benefits

  • Simplified reporting on complex guidelines over a huge amount of data
  • Ability to utilize existing data source without any changes resulting in a lower cost of ownership
  • Automated generation and distribution of compliance reports resulting in operational efficiency
  • Secure analytics on the patient data that matches enterprise security policies
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