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Real Time, Predictive Insights on All BPO Operations

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Machine Learning Driven Insights for BPO

Analyze data across individuals, teams, various functions, and divisions to improve operational efficiency and contain costs. Intellicus provides a machine learning driven, comprehensive business intelligence solution to BPOs for monitoring and analyzing all critical business KPIs. Predict inbound calls and plan your operations accordingly. Get real time insights on call quality, agent performance, customer experience, collections and SLAs across departments. Bring operational intelligence to every process of your BPO.

Accelerate Informed Decisions

Accelerate decision making with real time insights on key business KPIs. From improving day to day operational efficiency, faster sales deals, to improvement in key performance indicators & customer experience, business intelligence brings immense value to BPO business.

Empower Business Users

Bring employees, management and executives on the same platform, statistically. BI empowers users across roles and hierarchies to leverage the insights as per their roles and become more proactive and proficient.

Automate Processes

Monitor and analyze every aspect of customer & internal processes and create metrics to support SLAs. Get actionable recommendations on all metrics in reall time. Automate responses on bases of the recommendations.

BI to Transform BPO Business, People & Processes


Predictive and actionable business insights that enable informed strategic and operational decision making. Easily identify issues, opportunities and trends and drill down to the underlying transactions for immedate action. Automate logical actions associated with different issues and opportunities. Take the guess work out and switch to data driven operations across all BPO operations.


Set tangible workflows for BPI agents to measure performance and productivity. Get complete insights on agent activities and real-time alerts when any agent exceeds thresholds. Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for every agent to track and monitor their goals every day. Agents can easily visualize their daily work data and understand their performance status, compare it versus the benchmark and take corrective actions quickly.


360-degree insights on a customer across all processes and departments. From purchase history to all touch points like calls and emails etc., every analysis is readily available to understand customer’s overall engagement. Get insights on Average Handling Time (AHT), agent and SLA performance, customer account profitabiity and more.

BPO Use Cases

Business Intelligence – Paradigm Shift for BPO

In a dynamic business environment, it is important for BPOs to measure performance across numerous dimensions in shortest time.

Call Center Analytics Use Case

With the help of business intelligence and analytics, call centers are monitoring and analysing their complete operations seamlessly.

Debt Collections Use Case

Intellicus debt collection analytics solution is enabling BPOs to optimize debt collection processes strategically.

Debt Collection Use Case for BPO

Debt collection is the practice of actively pursuing recovery of payment for loans, goods, and services. Debt collection occurs when the terms and conditions, as set forth in the contract that governs the agreement between the two parties, creditor and borrower, are breached. With Intellicus BI businesses are able to formulate more effective strategies to curb debts, predict collection and enhance overall portfolio performance. These insights have resulted in cost reduction for debt collection process, while increasing revenues and supporting performance.

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Optimize all your BPO operations with Intellicus