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Real Time, Predictive Insights on All BPO Operations

Get actionable insights on everyday BPO operations. Automate reporting on key processes and accelerate informed decision making. Empower your users with machine learning driven, real time insights on all critical business KPIs.

Automate Processes

Monitor and analyze every aspect of customer & internal processes and create metrics to support SLAs. Get actionable recommendations on all metrics in real-time. Automate responses on basis of the recommendations.

Accelerate Informed Decisions

Accelerate decision making with real time insights on key business KPIs. From improving day to day operational efficiency, faster sales deals, to improvement in key performance indicators & customer experience, business intelligence brings immense value to BPO business.

Empower Business Users

Bring employees, management, and executives on the same platform, statistically. BI empowers users across roles and hierarchies to leverage insights as per their roles and become more proactive and proficient.

Intelligent Data Workflows for Unified Reporting

Automate extraction of data from multiple OEM applications and other data sources in your call center. Run intelligence driven workflows to unify data from across platforms. Have the flexibility to append and compare data as needed, without changing the process flow for the business users. Experience the next-gen BI platform with secure, scalable data automation capabilities.

Excel Automation

Automate the whole process of excel format report writing. Get error-free output, in 100X lesser time.

Smart Document Processing

Experience far more accurate and intelligent document processing than any RPA solution on the block.

Machine Learning Driven, Multi Process Insights for BPO & Call Centers

Analyze data across individuals, teams, various functions, and divisions to improve operational efficiency and contain costs. Predict inbound call volume and plan your operations accordingly. Get real-time insights on call quality, agent performance, customer experience, collections, and SLAs across departments. Bring operational intelligence to every process of your BPO.

BPO Use Cases

Inbound Call Analysis

Unified tracking and analysis of all call center KPIs. Ability to drill down to time-slot wise data inputs against various KPIs to identify specific areas of improvement.

Debt Collection Analysis

360-degree dashboards to perform portfolio and risk assessments to assess risk vs opportunities. Machine learning based analytics to deliver forecasts.

Analytics Driven Workforce Management

In today’s world, BPMs manage huge transaction volumes daily, which comes with its own challenges.

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