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Extract. Transform. Load. Automate.

Combine Data from All Your Sources

Intellicus helps you to collate data from disparate data sources. In simple steps, you can collect and combine data coming from your legacy data stores, ERPs, CRMs, RDBMS, flat files, big data lakes and warehouses, cloud data warehouses, streaming data sources, and more.

Load Data in Target Data Stores

Continually ingest data into popular data warehouses or data stores in real-time with the advanced load step. Automate real-time data ingestion into your data stores or data warehouse platforms on-premises or on the cloud. With multiple actions, ingest data the way you want. Empower your users with a single, go-to data source to accelerate data-driven analytics and decision making.

Use state-of-the-art, in-built OLAP technology, and pre-aggregate data into OLAP cubes. Query your data much faster than relational databases, centralize your data in a single repository, and get a single version of truth for your enterprise analytics.

Build Scalable Data Pipelines

With simple drag and drop actions, move, cleanse, and transform your data with advanced steps. Define lean and scalable data architectures. Apply various functions like join and union, sort, filter, and advanced steps like formula fields, dynamic calculations, data science algorithms, GIS lookup, to efficiently transform your data in the shortest time. Define advanced relations between your data sources and capture only desired data points. Visualize data flows, preview results as you go.

Automate Data Workflow and Warehouse Lifecycle

Automate the complete flow right from data extraction, to transformation, to loading it to respective target data stores. Create powerful ETL flows and schedule them to run in the background at desired time intervals. Get notifications of schedule completion. Define thresholds and get alert notifications whenever an anomaly occurs.

Simplify and automate data pipelines with Intellicus. Talk to us!

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