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Analytics for Healthcare Optimize Expenses, Improve Patient Care & Stay Compliant

Intellicus BI solution for healthcare empowers you with insights to reduce costs, improve patient care and outcomes and maintain data privacy while complying with regulations and standards. From predicting patient needs, optimizing patient-staff ratio to managing insurance claims – you can do all this and more, with complete data security.

Insurance Claim Analysis

Analyze massive amounts of claims data, visualize various KPIs and trends, and make forward looking strategies using Intellicus advanced analytics. Reduce the claims loss by monitoring claims coming from all policies and finding any trend or anomaly. Analyze policy and claims data to recognize the opportunity for new policies. Also, identify if any specific policy is inducing a higher number of claims and decide on how much the premium can be increased. Minimize the number of claims made by ensuring better healthcare services and policy changes. With better customer segmentation, introduce newer and better policies, fulfilling customer demands, and benefiting insurance companies.

Risk and Fraud Analysis

Use machine learning to analyze patients, claim, and other data to predict future trends and find patient risk scores. Drill down to essential details and find a correlation between patient care, financial performance, and policies to optimize complete operations. Utilize machine learning to identify risk indicators and predict potentials frauds. Get alerts on suspicious activities, quantify risk, and estimate resultant effects on various services.

Streamline Operations

Get the complete view of entire hospital operations in one place. Integrate data coming from the supply chain, finance, clinical operations, administration, and other sources. Use this source of truth to improve patient care, streamline operations, and reduce waste. Map the complete patient journey and optimize each segment and service utilized, based on the analysis.

Forecast doctor and staff demand accurately and minimize patient wait time on appointments, do better workforce planning, and optimize hospital resources. Empower administration with visual analytics and help make the day-to-day tasks more efficient. Utilize analytics to improve collaboration between various clinical and non-clinical departments, enhance the patient experience, and make data-driven decisions across the organization.

Improve Patient Care

Provide value-based care and improve patient outcomes using advanced analytics. Provide healthcare professionals access to all important KPIs and historical patient data to make better decisions. Recognize process inefficiencies to improve patient outcomes, enhance the patient experience, and minimize stay length. Enable access to unified analytics to various units to reduce duplicate efforts, induce quicker and data-driven decisions, and minimize costs.

Predict patients at risk of readmission and take preventive actions. Track physician cost and quality performance against benchmarks, find areas to improve upon. Improve patient to physician ratio and manage physician’s workload. Track KPIs across departments, do expense analysis and provide coordinated care.

Case Studies

Healthcare Company Automates Reporting Over Big Data Cubes

Intellicus is able to load and process the huge volume of data from big data cubes in real-time for reporting and analysis.

Healthcare Provider Uses Intellicus to Centralize Reporting

Our fully embedded, seamless and secure system enabled a single click solution for printing complex forms. Data masking ensured that only relevant information was visible at different levels and functions.

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