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Analytics for Healthcare

Optimize expenses, improve patient care and stay compliant.

Fully scalable, easy to embed BI platform that can match the pace of your products and applications. You can customize Intellicus to meet the BI & Analytics requirements of your custojmers from different industry verticals. Intellicus BI delivers a seamless, single-sign on experience for your users with shortest learning curve.

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Healthcare Analytics That Empower You

Intellicus BI solution for healthcare empowers you with insights to reduce costs, improve patient care and outcomes and maintain data privacy while complying with regulations and standards. From predicting patient needs, optimizing patient-staff ratio to managing insurance claims – you can do all this and more, with complete data security.

Healthcare Company Automates Reporting Over Big Data Cubes

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Healthcare Provider Uses Intellicus to Centralize Reporting

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Intellicus for Healthcare Organizations

Insurance and Compliance

Intellicus BI solution for healthcare supports all complex form formats like HCFA. From analysing insurance rejections to creating error free OCR forms, you can leverage Intellicus to set up a compliant paperless automated system for all your processes, while maintaining complete data privacy.

Resource Management

Evaluate your data to predict how many beds or staff may be needed the next day, week or month, depending on multiple factors. With its data science and machine learning capabilities, Intellicus BI solution for healthcare can help you predict and plan for the varying volume of patients.

Patient Care

Mine your data to know what treatment plans are best suited for each patient. Get insights to identify high risk patients, plan more targeted treatments and optimize hospital stays. These insights can be leveraged to optimize and plan the day to day practices of physicians, administration, and all other healthcare personnel.

Intellicus BI Solution for Healthcare

With Intellicus, you can analyse structured & unstructured data that your healthcare institutions accumulate every second and bring out insights to optimize multiple processes including resource management, equipment maintenance, patient care, insurance claims & more. You can add operational intelligence at each step of your processes & empower your staff to take informed decisions.

Get Advance Healthcare analytics with Intellicus BI