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Healthcare Provider Uses Intellicus to Centralize Reporting

Intellicus > Healthcare Provider Uses Intellicus to Centralize Reporting

Healthcare Provider Uses Intellicus to Centralize Reporting


The client is one of America’s leaders in pharmaceuticals and home infusion services. They specialize in prescriptions, home infusion services, and health information services. The client also operates more than 5000 pharmacies across the USA.

To manage its expanding business, the client was using home-grown software to track patient records, plan routes for its on-field representatives, manage the procurement of drugs, and track financial approvals from different insurance companies.

The client was using software to publish forms on the browser for different locations. This increased manual efforts, induced cumbersome printing of forms. They needed a solution that could integrate and centralize printing of all forms.

Business requirements

The client needed a solution that could:

  • Reduce paperwork as the data was increasing rapidly every day
  • Replace OCR readable forms with BI reports with complete security and data masking
  • Centralize processing of forms as per HIPPA guidelines
  • Work on top of their software to collect, analyze, and distribute information to all stakeholders
  • Automate and schedule form printing (patient profile, prescriptions, invoices, insurance claims etc.)
  • Counter all the paperwork involved in tracking financial approvals from insurers
  • Centralize invoice management for procurement and distribution of drugs across stores

The client also wanted to customize the labels and invoices of all their drugs using the information provided by the BI platform. The customization of labels was a complex process as it required the system to be updated automatically, as soon as the formulation of a drug or its quantity changed at any of the stores.

Intellicus Solution

After evaluating several options, the company found Intellicus to be the only solution that could match the architecture that their software demanded. Our team devised a system that could connect all locations, collect different types of data and push it for printing at a centralized hub.

This fully embedded, seamless, and secure system from Intellicus enabled a single click solution for printing complex forms. Data masking ensures that only relevant information is visible at different levels and functions.

Intellicus professional services team created all the complex form formats like HCFA, customized labels for drug bottles, etc. for the client with Intellicus Pixel-Perfect reporting. Intellicus ensured automated updation of drug composition on labels as and when updated at any of the stores.

As the client grew from 300 to 5000 stores, Intellicus scaled up to print all types of documents (labels, invoices, forms etc.) as per HIPPA and other healthcare compliances.

Intellicus managed printing and distribution of more than 45000 forms per day to multiple insurers.

Business Benefits

  • Paperless, HIPPA compliant workflow.
  • Error-free, accurate creation of all OCR enabled forms.
  • Efficient request and approval process for insurance.
  • Highest level of security for confidential data.
  • Automated updation of details at one place with customized data collected from multiple stores.
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