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Intelligently Drive Profit & Efficiency with Logistics Analytics

Integrate data from multiple source systems (supply chain, fleet management, GIS, ERP, CRM, and more) into Intellicus and transform it into easily consumable insights. Combine strategic and operational data and get a full view of performance across all operations with advanced logistics analytics. Get real-time updates and forecasts on inventory, fleet, maintenance, delivery, and more.

Transform everyday operations with real-time insights and forecasts


Stay up to date on stock movement from inventory. Get real-time updates on item movement, stock, sales, and revenue. Ensure high accuracy in your inventory with 360-degree analytics on KPIs like the number of times whole inventory is sold each time, inventory available for sale vs actual quantity sold, and more.


Track key metrics across your transport network to improve services, reduce costs and boost profitability. Assess daily revenue per kilometer, running costs of vehicles, loss due to breakdowns, and make informed decisions on planning the next transportation lot. Forecast transportation cost and revenue per consignment basis fare trends, fuel costs, etc.

Route Management

Integrate data from GPS, scanners, sensors, staff, and live weather and traffic reports to streamline routes, schedule maintenance, and reduce stop-over times. Use machine learning-driven predictions and what-if analytics to optimize routes in real-time. Take proactive decisions on route planning, re-routing, and staff deployment.

Fleet Maintenance

Analyze fleet data in sync with maintenance schedules and get real-time insights on the health of your vehicles. Get forecasts on likely breakdowns and anomalies and take corrective actions in advance. Switch to predictive maintenance to improve fleet performance and control cost leakages due to downtime.

Make informed business decisions with logistics analytics by your side. Take a trial today.

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