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Intellicus for Risk Management Companies

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Intellicus for Risk Management Companies


The client is world’s leading provider of business  information and risk management solutions.

They provide commercial data to businesses on  credit history, business-to-business sales and  marketing, counterparty risk exposure, supply chain  management, lead scoring and social identity  matching.

In addition to accessing risk and establishing credit terms, the client also helps organizations minimize risk and maximize profitability.

Reports generated for each business runs over 30  pages and covers details with over 100 sections  ranging from customer’s risk assessment, financial  trends, management and shareholders details to  operational details, financial assets and liabilities all  in one place.

They were experiencing slow and error-prone data  collaboration and inconsistent report document  formatting.

Business Challenge

Design a solution for risk management companies,  who have to measure thousands of businesses  and create their risk reports on a quarterly basis  and supply to their millions of subscribers.

The challenge is the unstructured nature of data  which needs to be processed, analyzed and put  into a highly structured report format for the  traditional investor audience.

The other challenge is, the time to market  criticalness of the risk reports considering the  competitor’s reports reaching earlier and more  importantly the lag between business events and  the investment decisions.


  • Extraction and collaboration of data from multiple data sources multiple
  • Analysis and creation of tens of charts and tables per business
  • Creation of a well-formatted document by placing all this content in a highly structured manner
  • Distribution of the reports

Intellicus Solution

Intellicus delivered an automated data collaboration and  report generation process. The reports were template driven, which made each business report consistent and  reliable.

Intellicus’ high performance BI server generated multiple reports concurrently and delivered to business analysts for their final review

Intellicus’ workflow based approval process delivered the reports to subscribers soon after the reports were previewed and approved by analysts.

The client installed a fully web-based Intellicus BI solution  on a private cloud with zero footprint on analysts’  machines. After going live in a record time with the help  of Intellicus consultants, the client also easily extended  the solution to their offices in the other parts of the world.

Intellicus collaborated and generated a business report in 6 seconds compared to 5-7 man days of analysts’ effort that was put in earlier.

The overall report delivery time came down to 3 days compared to 25 days from the closure. This freed up a huge amount  of analysts’ time for more relevant productive work.

Business Benefits

  • Proactive decision-making
  • Enhanced customer experience management
  • Better prioritization of fault resolutions
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