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Data Engineering Simplified

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Data Engineering Simplified

Define lean and scalable data architectures for your digital transformation initiatives. Expedite data discovery and transformation with a powerhouse of data engineering solutions that cover data preparation, ETL, enterprise data warehousing, automation and more. Build and automate smart data pipelines and bring more value to all data-driven processes.


With Intellicus’ built-in ETL, build an enterprise data warehouse and accelerate the availability of analytics-ready data. Intellicus offers multi-source data connectivity, simple to most advanced transformation steps and real-time data ingestion capabilities. With simple drag and drop actions; connect, move, cleanse and transform your data in easy steps. Load your data to required data stores in real-time.


Automate the whole data workflow and data warehouse life cycle right from extraction of data from multitudinous sources, to transforming it with advanced steps, to loading it to respective target data stores. Create powerful ETL flows and schedule them to run in the background at desired time intervals. Get notifications of schedule completion. Define thresholds and get alert notifications whenever an anomaly occurs.

Semantic Layer

Intellicus semantic layer lets you build a business data layer for end-user self-service business analytics. To perform secure analysis, you can hide certain tables from being visible to the semantic layer at the database level.

Data Sources

Intellicus connects different types of data, from multiple sources on one system for analysis. You can form secure connections and bring in data from diverse sources like traditional RDBMS, applications, social media platforms, big data lakes, web services, filesystems, PDFs etc.

Build Seamless Data Connections


Intellicus can connect to all the Relational Database Management systems using JDBC, ODBC and even other vendor-specific technologies. From the heavyweight Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, MSSQL to popular systems like PostgreSQL, MYSQL, Intellicus connects all of them to build a unified semantic layer.


Flat files are used widely for exporting data and in day to day data management. With Intellicus, you can connect to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, XML, JSON, files on FTP and network path etc. and perform superlative reporting on your raw data.

Email as a Data Source

You can leverage Intellicus to automate data extraction from various file formats attached to emails. Intellicus automates the process to pull Excel files, PDFs and more from emails. Intellicus can identify tables and other data points from your PDFs and use them in reporting.

Web Services

Intellicus can extract data from web service and microservice applications, social media platforms and help you transform it for reporting and analytics. Intellicus supports REST and SOAP.

Streaming Data Sources

With Intellicus you can perform powerful real-time analytics on data coming from streaming data sources to get timely and actionable insights. Intellicus helps you to read events in real-time from message queuing services like RMQ, JMS, StreamAnalytix and KAFKA.

Big Data Analytics

You can leverage the power of distributed data processing platforms like Hadoop, Greenplum, Teradata, Cassandra, Impala, Vertica, SAP HANA, Hive, MongoDB etc. with Intellicus to perform MapReduce or similar job-based data processing for analytics and pull out deeper insights from your data.

Cloud Compatibility

Intellicus can seamlessly connect to your data sources on the cloud and help you extract data as it is generated. AmazonEC2, AmazonS3, Microsoft Azure etc. are some of many that it connects with.


Intellicus supports Presto as a data source so as you can leverage the capabilities of highly parallel and distributed SQL query engine for efficient, low latency analytics. You can natively query data in Hadoop, S3, Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase, MySQL, Teradata, PostgreSQL etc. to run fast analytics queries and get results in seconds.


Apply various functions, advanced steps like formula fields and data science algorithms to transform your data in the shortest time.

Joining and Union

Combine data coming from disparate data sources with join and union steps. Define advanced relations between your data sources and capture only desired data points. You can create as many steps as the number of your data sources.

Data Cleansing

Transform and cleanse your data with functions like filter, sort, formula fields, dynamic fields, data science algorithms (R, Python). Perform machine learning tasks with inbuilt data science actions. Visualize data flows, preview results as you go. Intellicus lets you create a staging database to improve query execution and data processing time.


Create Lookup connection to perform external field level lookup operations like geocoding, reverse geocoding, currency conversion etc.

Target Data Stores

Continually ingest data into popular data warehouses or data sources in real-time with the advanced load step in Intellicus.

RDBMS and Big Data Lakes

Automate real-time data ingestion into your data stores or data warehouse platforms on-premises or on the cloud. Intellicus provides multiple actions to ingest data the way you want. Empower your users with a single, go-to data source to accelerate data-driven analytics and decisioning.


Use Intellicus inbuilt OLAP technology and pre-aggregate data into OLAP cubes. Schedule cube building and get the latest data updates while reporting. Query your data much faster than relational databases, centralize your data in a single repository and get a single version of truth for your analytics needs.


With Intellicus, you can automate data flow schedules, set triggers and create alerts across different steps of data processing.


Schedule the complete ETL flow to run automatically in the background at desired intervals. This includes automated data extraction, transformation and data ingestion. You can define hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc. schedules to get real-time data updates.

Notifications and Triggering

Get notifications and track schedule completion. Automate triggering of next job upon successful completion of the current job.


Define error thresholds to get alert notifications on anomalies. Upon generation of alerts, Intellicus automatically ceases the load process until the error is rectified.

  • Connect All Your Data on a Single Platform
  • Extract Transform Load Analyze
  • Automate Dataflow Pipelines
  • Unified Semantic Layer
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