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AI Driven Analytics for Your Customers

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AI Driven Analytics for Your Customers

IntellicusCloudBI app empowers your customers to stay on top of their business critical KPIs on mobile. Sales, marketing, finance, inventory, HR, logistics or other departments can deep dive into their everyday operational data insights using a mobile app.

Mobile-First Analytics for Your Software

IntellicusCloudBI app gives access to insights on a mobile-first concept. The IntellicusCloudBI ecosystem is designed for people to access their decision critical business data on mobile devices. The app is tailored to give a seamless analytics experience to mobile users.

Real-Time Insights, Anytime, Anywhere

IntellicusCloudBI app adds speed to everyday decision-making by providing access to real-time data insights. Data collected from multiple channels can be pushed to IntellicusCloudBI app in real-time. Your customers can view and perform analytics on their data as it gets created and can take informed decisions timely.

For instance, in a retail setup, POS transactions start reflecting in the sales reports on the app within a few minutes. Store managers can view transactions happening across counters, see pending orders, inventory status, customer feedback etc., right on their mobile and act accordingly.

IntellicusCloudBI also provides predictive insights. For instance, retailers can bring out futuristic insights on sales demand, inventory flow, can analyze consumer purchase patterns and predict their needs, predict buying cycles of various consumers. IntellicusCloudBI app helps your customers to always stay prepared for now and for the future.

Data Governance

IntellicusCloudBI is a certified platform and secures data from any unauthorized access. IntellicusCloudBI and you cannot access your customers’ data. Only your customers can see their data. IntellicusCloudBI app provides data access based on user roles and row-level access defined in your on-premise application.

Getting Started is Super Easy

Upon your invitation, your customers will get an SMS to download the mobile app and an OTP. Once they login, the reports that you have configured for them are readily available for secured interactive browsing.

Your customers can easily and quickly adopt IntellicusCloudBI app. With the familiar swipe and tap actions, they can browse through their key reports. They can glance through aggregated data and drill into details. Report data refreshes with latest updates from their business with pull-down action.

No Infra Cost, Seamlessly Scalable

There is no infrastructure investment while setting up IntellicusCloudBI for your on-premise application. You or your customers do not need to set up or maintain any servers.

IntellicusCloudBI brings scalability to the BI & analytics needs of your customers. You can add as many customers and your customers can scale to any number of users.

Boon for Fleet on Street

IntellicusCloudBI app is very helpful for on-the-field staff of your customers. As these executives move around, they can stay updated on insights that can impact their next meeting. With the latest insights in their hand, they are always well informed about all aspects of their business. They no longer need to carry bundles of reports or order history of customers for a sales visit and still be fully informed to make the best sales conversation.

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