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Real-time Visualizations on Streaming Data

Intellicus > Real-time Visualizations on Streaming Data

Real-Time Visualizations on Streaming Data

Intellicus introduces real-time visualizations on streaming data enabling you to analyze your data as it comes, without any time lag. Our highly scalable and robust architecture helps you visualize and get alerts right in time.

The IoT

With the advent of IoT and data coming from different devices, businesses and consumers are generating data at a record pace every day.Nowadays, it’s not only about making well-informed decisions, but they should be timely and actionable too.

Intellicus lets you constantly track your business processes from the data coming from multiple sources. You can extract valuable insights from your moving data to make near real-time decisions and increase your organization’s operational efficiency.

Data on the queue

With Intellicus’ real-time vi sualizations you can read over 5000 events per second, and hundreds of users can view the data simultaneously. Intellicus can connect to applications such as StreamAnalytix™ and others, which emit data continuously on Message Queuing softwares like Rabbit MQ, Kafka, Java Message Queue etc. to provide visualizations on streaming data.

Intellicus supports dynamically changing counter charts, gauge charts, GIS Maps and various XY charts among others.

Real-Time Visualizations:

  • Multiple widgets – View different indicators of your business in real-time on a single screen
  • Browser-based viewing – Access and analyze your real-time data from anywhere with the option of accessing reports via a web browser
  • Pause & play – Pause & play at your point of interest and analyze it closely
  • Filter – Create filter criteria to easily view specific information that you are looking for
  • Snapshots – Take snapshots manually or automatically, if the real-time indicators cross given thresholds
  • Real-Time Data Sources
  • Instant Visualization
  • Alert Capturing
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