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Data Science for Everyone

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Data Science for Everyone

Intellicus Data Science Capabilities

Intellicus Data Science capability empowers businesses to analyze the future by doing machine learning of data, predictive analytics and what-if analysis. Data Science helps to dig deep into a variety of insights.


R, R Serve
Extensible framework for more engines


On Cloud

Data Science Tasks

Machine Learning/Modelling Test Run/Script
Rating Prediction/Real time prediction

Reporting & Visualizations

Graphical Analysis
R and Python Plots
Ad hoc and Studio reports
from Prediction results

Business User and Data Science

Businesses explore ways to process their data to bring out unknown causative factors and also see how do they affect future. A data scientist needs easy access to data and transformation tools and business users need simpler access to machine learning tools, predictions, and be able to perform what-if analysis by themselves.

Integrated Development Environment

Intellicus provides seamless connection to R and Python Data Science engines and gives full access to all Data Science libraries. You can build your scripts and models inside Intellicus to communicate with Data Science engines.

Data Cleansing and Preparation

Intellicus Data Science capability allows users to create relevant scripts and do data cleansing. Data Cleansing can easily identify incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete and/or duplicate data and help in modifying, removing or freezing them from further processing.

Future is Now with Predictive Analytics

Intellicus can help you get trends and predictions by doing 360-degree analysis and real-time calculations on your data with Data Science. These insights and predictions help you seize business opportunities well ahead in time.

Advanced Visualizations

Intellicus can fetch advanced plots created in Data Science engines and add them to your reports and dashboards. Along with visuals inside Intellicus, adding plots created in Data Science engines will empower you to visualize your data in many intuitive ways.

Devise the Future with What-If Analysis

Scale-up your business with a peek into the future of your data with what-if analysis. Based on your business vision, you can get predictions by adjusting different values/parameters in your data. Intellicus with Data Science does all the complex mathematical calculations to make these predictions.

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