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Unified Analytics for Healthcare

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Unified Analytics for Healthcare

Unify analytics across healthcare operations and empower facility administrators and healthcare service providers with real-time & predictive insights. Collaborate data across multiple locations and systems with Intellicus and deliver unified insights to the staff on field and in offices. With role-based access control and advanced data masking/security features, maintain complete privacy of patient data and stay compliant. Elevate operational efficiency, improve patient experience and eliminate risks.

Referral and Care Workflows

Analyse trends on patient footfall to plan resource allocation and scheduling. Keep your staff up to date with real-time reports on their scheduled and ad hoc assignments.

Enhance Patient Care

Derive intelligence to streamline operations, optimize costs, and build better patient experience across the complete patient cycle. Refer to performance dashboards, visualize real-time information on patient activities and keep medical consultants regularly notified on patient care information, drug administration, their test results and other activities through mobile application. Get predictions on at-risk patients and their likelihood to be readmitted. With such insights take actions to lower readmission rates and improve patient satisfaction.

Enhance Home Care Services

Provide your staff access to real-time insights on home care appointments, cancellations, prescriptive medicines, and other procedural information. Plan on-field activities based on these insights to ensure your adherence to timelines is always matched and take actions to derive better patient satisfaction rates. Bring out predictions on staff requirements and other parameters to respond to house calls timely. Get real-time status of on-field staff and assess their key KPIs instantly. Bring out predictive insights to ensure optimum availability of drugs, and other inventories.

Optimize Revenue Cycle

Monitor and analyse revenue management cycle with cash inflow and outflow related information available at your fingertips. Get automated alerts on transactions and claims keyed in by on-field staff in real-time. View aggregated trends and insights, drill down to transactional level details in a single dashboard to get a complete view of costs and revenue across different operations. Get predictions on future costs vs. revenue for accurate budgeting. Get insights to optimize costs and enable value-based care for patients.

Automate Insurer processes

Generate compliant insurance claims reports and automate exchange of patient data to insurance agencies. Get regular updates on pending approvals, status of insurance extension requests, and rejected claims. Get insights on how you can minimize risks of insurance claims getting rejected or withheld. Forecast insurance renewals and approvals so as requests are shared well within defined timelines with insurance companies. Predict insurance claims settlement based on patient attributes, and the needed services to take up alternate measures timely.

Stay Secure and Compliant

Intellicus helps you to mask critical patient information in various reports and make it accessible to only relevant personnel, with an audit trail of access. You can create necessary workflows in Intellicus to stay compliant with various government norms.

Adopt Intellicus for 360 Degree veiw of your business

Healthcare organizations excel in their services, who go beyond assumptions and chances. Analysing clinical, staff and finance information in a single powerful system, gives you a 360-degree view of your business. Having a scientific BI process in place takes out the ambiguity and enables informed operations across all levels.

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