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Intelligent Excel Automation

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Intelligent Excel Automation

Automate the whole process of excel format report writing. Get error-free output, in 100X lesser time. Have the flexibility to append and compare data as needed, without changing the process flow for the business users. Experience the next-gen BI platform with secure, scalable excel automation capabilities.

Automate Excel Report Writing

Build scalable automation flows for writing data in even the most complex excel files. Retain the power of your existing excel reporting and add powerful BI capabilities on top of it. Create automation report writing templates based on your current workbooks. With intelligent excel automation, completely negate data entry errors and reduce manual interventions. Become process-oriented and deliver smart analytics in the same workbook, in much lesser time and with the highest accuracy.

Bring Business Intelligence to Your Excel

Go a step ahead in excel automation and deliver meaningful insights to your users. Get data from multiple sources or sytems over a secured connection. Define multi-step workflows of data transformation and excel automation. Perform data cleansing and look up while processing data. Have the flexibility to append fields dynamically without altering any step of the automation. Apply all excel formulae, pivoting and charting to get business reports inside excel. Take away the manual effort of re-defining automation steps after any change in fields. Add intelligence to excel automation with comparison of historic and current data, trends, forecasts and more.

Define Secure Workflows

Form highly secure connections to your data sources. Define user and role-based access. Enable row-level security and data masking so as no unauthorized person has access to your data. The complete process is server-based and runs in the background, evading any possibility of data leakages to unwanted machines or desktops. Contrary to robotic automation workflows, Intellicus excel automation is highly secure as no console or screen is used while the excel file is filled out.

Schedule Reports for Mass Distribution

Seamlessly manage delivery of excel reports, while running the automation processes in the background. Schedule mass distribution of reports to required recipients via email, via uploading on a secured folder, by publishing the report, or through other preferred mediums within your organization. Generate thousands of excel reports in minutes and deliver to the respective business users regularly.

Scalable and Affordable

Intellicus excel automation operates without consuming Windows, Microsoft Excel or O365 licenses. Save costs of using numerous hardware and licenses. Create multithreaded concurrent data connections to multiple systems and save on user logins. Intellicus helps you create a data workflow in line with the vision of the management compared to replicating unscientific historical actions of the users. Switch from MIS workforce driven reporting to workflow-driven data insights.

Get empowered with seamless excel automation capabilities and add intelligence to your everyday excel reporting. Speed up the automation cycle, while reducing errors. Retain all your templates and data formats, while delivering intelligent excel reports to your business users, the way they need.

  • Automated Excel Report Writing
  • Accurate, Superfast Processing
  • Scalable, Secure and Affordable
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