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Analytics Driven Transformation in Manufacturing

Intellicus > Analytics Driven Transformation in Manufacturing

Analytics Driven Transformation in Manufacturing

With Industrial Internet of Things on rise, the need for data analytics with real-time predictive capabilities is growing stronger in the manufacturing industry. As manufacturers aim to draw actionable futuristic intelligence, they need new-age BI technologies that can tap into their web of data to bring out meaningful insights for right now and for the future.

Industrial Internet of Things Analytics

IoT connects devices and processes to people. The convergence of digital ecosystem is generating data at an unfathomable rate with tons of insights buried in it. With Intellicus, manufacturers can analyze data coming from disparate data sources; the data ranges from machine operation time to heat signatures. Manufacturers can leverage advanced analytical capabilities of Intellicus to dig deep into this data to explore a variety of insights and use them for process improvement, safety compliance monitoring and future planning for their production units.

Real-Time Quality Monitoring and Alerts

Automated production process runs in a long chain of individual activities. In automated production units, if any small deviation goes unnoticed until a production cycle is complete, then it may be too late to rectify the issue to maintain product quality. With Intellicus, manufacturers can apply machine learning on historical data, apply the models to the real-time data coming from production lines and predict an anomaly that could reduce the quality. Intellicus generates alerts, and helps business users to visualize these real-time predictions on production lines’ blueprints and identify the exact spot-of-bother for timely intervention. This helps to prevent wastage, troubleshoot the causative factors in-time, and enables lean manufacturing.

Predictive Maintenance

Machinery maintenance is a major activity in manufacturing industries. Regular interval maintenance cycles are costly and may not be effective in addressing the root causes. Intellicus helps manufacturers analyze the historical performance of machines, co-relate with industry reference data and predict when any machine is likely to fail, to identify the best possible schedule for its maintenance. This helps in process optimization, increases asset utilization, and reduces cost.

Unified Analytics

Manufacturing industries have processes running individually at various locations, production units, different plants and units. Intellicus is capable of combining data coming from various PLCs, SCADA systems, ERPs, and other sources and helps manufacturers to create a unified analytics platform for remote monitoring and analytics, and publish insights as dashboards.

Intellicus enables granular visibility of information with interlinking and drill down capabilities so as business users can track, identify various key parameters, related to production, resource effectiveness and operations and get a holistic viewpoint of their entire data. Industries can focus on disruptive innovations with transformational analytics in place as the risks are covered by being data driven.

  • IIoT Analytics
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Unified Analytics Platform
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