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Webinar: Operational Intelligence with Machine Learning

Intellicus > Webinar: Operational Intelligence with Machine Learning

Webinar: Operational Intelligence with Machine Learning

New Delhi, May 2019: Intellicus recently conducted a webinar – Operational Intelligence With Machine Learning. The webinar was presented by Rajesh Murthy, Vice President Engineering, Intellicus and Karthik Rajan, Regional Manager India, Enterprise Software Solution, Schneider Electric. In the webinar, our experts discussed how business users can apply machine learning to their day to day analytics. Getting real time operational intelligence is crucial for business users, and the webinar covered how this can be easily achieved with machine learning and BI.

Using real-life examples of wine production and cookie manufacturing, Rajesh explained how business users can be benefitted from operational insights and take informed decisions instantly. Karthik, spoke about their use case of applying BI and machine learning for monitoring data centers. He also explained how these insights enable them to handle current situations and also prepare for future with predictive and what-if analytics.

The recording of the webinar is now published and can be viewed here:

In case you have any queries from the webinar or about Intellicus, please feel free to reach out to us.

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