BFSI Leadership & Summit Awards 2024
Mumbai | Feb 15
Data Analytics & AI Show 2024
Mumbai | Feb 28


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The Game-Changing Role of BI in Apparel E-commerce

Online shopping has undergone mass adoption in recent years and e-commerce stores have become a primary method of making purchases for…

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Intellicus Wins the “Automation & Analytics Innovation Award” at the BFSI Leadership Summit & Awards 2024

Intellicus Technologies was awarded the prestigious Automation & Analytics Innovation Award at the BFSI Leadership Summit and Awards 2024 in Mumbai….

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The Meteoric Rise of GenAI-Driven Copilots

With the increasing adoption of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), different use cases have indicated a need for solutions that offer varying…

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Top 15 2024 BI and Analytics Solutions for the Modern Retailer

Navigating the ever-changing retail landscape requires agility, precision, and a deep understanding of your customers. In this data-driven age, business intelligence…

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GenAI’s artistic evolution and ethical frontiers

Generative design, fueled by AI models, transcends visualization tools, enabling designers to create myriad variations through nuanced prompts. The emergence of…

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Automating F&B decisions with business intelligence

Whether it’s a cosy café nestled, a fine-dining restaurant, a global giant or a food truck parked strategically at a busy…

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The Role of Business Intelligence in Modern Supply Chains

Multiple studies have long indicated that strategic decision-making capacity in the administration of supply chain operations can be a key factor…

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Manufacturing intelligence with machine learning

Industry 4.0, also called the fourth industrial revolution, represents a shift towards a more connected, automated and data-driven approach to manufacturing….

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Achieving Manufacturing Excellence with Quality Control using BI tools

The manufacturing sector is faced with immense pressure to cater to growing demands while also ensuring that customer expectations of quality…

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Interview With Kavindra Singh

Intellicus is a leading data engineering and business intelligence (BI) product company, established in 2004, known for its customisable, modular solutions…

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