BFSI Leadership & Summit Awards 2024
Mumbai | Feb 15
Data Analytics & AI Show 2024
Mumbai | Feb 28


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6 Tech Innovators Revolutionizing Business, Banking & Education

From revolutionizing business intelligence and customer engagement to empowering STEM education and transaction banking, these six tech companies are at the…

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The Power of Spatial Analytics in Business Intelligence

Since the pandemic, a newfound appreciation for spatial data has emerged. With digital transformation, enterprises collected more data. Research by the…

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How enterprises can use GenAI in scenario planning

Scenario planning is the strategic management tool used to prepare for multiple future possibilities, creating a range of plausible situations and…

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5 Key Players Shaping the Future of Business Intelligence

The world of data analytics is rapidly evolving, with organizations seeking to harness the power of data to drive decision-making, gain…

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Business Intelligence Implementation: A Comprehensive Guide

Imagine navigating rush hour traffic while blindfolded and in a new car. You don’t know all the controls, and you didn’t…

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Harnessing Data and AI: The new frontier of business success

In today’s ambiguous business climate, making strategic decisions is exceedingly difficult and fraught with multiple risks. Every business aims to be…

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Intellicus Technologies’ Anurag Sanghai on how together AI and BI can upgrade businesses

As businesses adapt technology-driven models, experts believe that using artificial intelligence (AI) in business intelligence (BI) tools can automate many of…

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AI beyond automation: The evolution of GenAI-powered BI copilots

The field of business intelligence (BI) is on the verge of a revolution. Emerging technologies have indeed shown immense potential in…

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GenAI And The Art Of Turning Data To Gold

Two distinct entities have emerged within AI applications – agents and copilots. Agents are the workhorses of AI, the epitome of…

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The Game-Changing Role of BI in Apparel E-commerce

Online shopping has undergone mass adoption in recent years and e-commerce stores have become a primary method of making purchases for…

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