BFSI Leadership & Summit Awards 2024
Mumbai | Feb 15
Data Analytics & AI Show 2024
Mumbai | Feb 28
Live Demo
AI-powered Retail Analytics
Real-time Data Reconciliation & 360° Insights
20th March | 3:00 PM
Intellicus empowers retailers with intuitive self-serve analytics for correlation between various departments and data points. With Intellicus, retailers can streamline data collection from disparate sources to gain a 360° view across product performance, sales trends, marketing effectiveness and more. With a variety of visualization options like charts, heat maps, GIS maps and RAG analysis, Intellicus provides retail executives and decision-makers with comprehensive insights to drive business growth.

With Intellicus, dive deeper into granular data analysis, from product performance to market trends. Leverage accurate forecasts and what-if scenarios for trend analysis, uncover outliers and identify deviations for proactive interventions. With a self-serve environment, Intellicus eliminates the need for constant IT intervention and ensures easy data consumption, allowing business users to independently derive actionable insights and make informed decisions.
Join us for a live demo where we showcase how Intellicus empowers retailers by delivering:
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