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AI-powered Insurance Analytics for Claims & Fraud
Jan. 18, 2024 | 3:00 PM IST
Intellicus BI Platform empowers insurers with intuitive, self-serve analytics to derive meaningful insights from enterprise data. With Intellicus, insurers can quickly and effortlessly create custom dashboards to gain a 360-degree view of claims, settlements and fraud, enabling them to enhance their decision-making processes, improve operational efficiency, augment risk management and ultimately deliver better services to their clients.

Leveraging Intellicus’ AI-powered predictive modeling capabilities, you can assess the likelihood of future events to refine pricing, develop appropriate coverage plans, and manage risks effectively. Drill down into claim status to leverage a granular view and explore claims data on a hospital-by-hospital basis. Get a detailed assessment of claim patterns and facilitate collaboration with healthcare providers for process improvement. Identify time frame outliers and take corrective actions to ensure timely settlements and reduce delays.
In this demo, witness firsthand how Intellicus revolutionizes insurance analytics with:
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