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Empowering leading FMCG company with Intellicus BI

Intellicus > Empowering leading FMCG company with Intellicus BI
Empowering one of the fastest growing Indian FMCG companies to transform digitally with fully automated, paperless reporting.


One of the fastest growing Indian FMCG company was looking for a business intelligence and analytics platform that could automate reporting on primary, secondary and tertiary sales (in-store and online), give trends and forecasts on orders and help in identifying supply chain bottle necks. They wanted a solution that could enable them to achieve paperless reporting and make business information available on time, whenever needed.

Business Challenge

One of the biggest challenges that the company had was to consolidate the data from over 5000 databases, transform it and make it ready for unified analytics. The company operates over 2000 SKUs, 4000 direct stores and 450000 tertiary outlets. They wanted to consolidate sales performance reporting and streamline order management from all sales avenues. They wanted a solution that could tie all the loose ends together to give them robust, automated reporting on key business operations and help in identifying the right direction for their manufacturing operations.

Intellicus Solution

Intellicus has deployed a data integration and analytics solution for this FMCG company. The platform currently unifies diverse data from over 5000 databases into a centralized data warehouse and provides ready dashboards and reports to different users across the organization. With OLAP and data science capabilities, Intellicus has successfully automated the complete analytics cycle for this company.

Sales performance insights for all levels is now accessible in interactive dashboards. The company is now able to optimize its order management and supply chain system with the help of trends, correlations and forecasts available for different product categories and orders. They can proactively spot risks in the supply chain system and mitigate them in time.

GIS beat analytics has made it possible for the management to monitor performance of each beat, identify the top performers and non-performers.

From working with manual data entry processes that caused delay in report creation and did not provide accurate information, this company has successfully transitioned into a digital, paperless way of functioning. Equipped with these insights, they are able to create the right direction for their manufacturing and increase their profit margins even amidst uncertain market fluctuations.

Key Reporting Metrics

  • Real time, unified view of trends and aggregations of location wise sales, sales amount vs. quantity.
  • Granular view up to store level with details of total sales amount at each store.
  • Performance reports on downward trending stores, loss making products categories.
  • Product performance reports across stores and categories for most returned items.
  • Region wise/ channel wise net profit.
  • Forecasts and predictions on sales, product demand and availability.
  • Monitor price anomaly basis discounts and MRP at different stores.
  • Monitor movement of goods and check variation in inventory and stock

Solution Benefits

  • Seamless collation of data from multiple databases into a centralized data warehouse.
  • Time spent on creating reports is totally removed for everyone in the organization. Month end reports that took over 15 days to create earlier, are now automated and updated on demand, and in real time.
  • Readily available management dashboards to oversee employee and organization performance.
  • Dashboards and reports made accessible across the org with appropriate security permissions. People get their reports automatically, with minimum or no effort.
  • Sales teams have handy performance reports while talking to distributors and are empowered to make statistics based decisions and discussions.
  • GIS beat plan analysis has made it easier to monitor and improve beat performance.

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