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Leading global Financial authority improves operations with Intellicus

Intellicus > Leading global Financial authority improves operations with Intellicus

Leading global Financial authority improves operations with Intellicus


The client is one of the biggest financial regulatory authorities in the world. The client owns one of the largest retail payment systems including clearing systems and payment gateways.

The transactions of the client are recorded in the range of 20 million per day. With this amount of data rushing-in, the advisors and regulators at the client needed trends as well as deep insights of the transactional patterns and any technical eccentricities.

The client needed a robust BI platform to meet three purposes:

  • To generate dashboards for the Board of Directors with KPIs and forecasts to guide them to take directional decisions
  • To generate daily, weekly reports for the group managers and technical managers who were to monitor variance and any incongruity
  • To generate reports for hundreds of financial institutes to monitor their own performance compared to the group or global performance

Business Challenge

The client needed a self-service BI solution with certified enterprise-grade security. They required presentation-ready reports and dashboards for board meetings and access to analytics on mobile devices for select users.

The challenge was data coming from multiple sources in different structures and different frequencies. Data segregation at the group level and individual financial institute level were critically important.

The client received data volume of 20 million rows per day, and trends were required on data from more than twelve months.


Intellicus provided an enterprise-grade, highly secure and certified architecture that adhered to the security norms of the client.

The high-performance BI server accumulates all the amount and variety of data coming from multiple payment systems and directly ingests them into its cubes. The BI server caters to users from 700+ financial institutes with an average throughput time of 2 seconds.

The payment transactions carry hundreds of attributes and dimensions and have tens of reasons when they fail. Analysing failed transactions required a true multi-dimensional analytical platform.

Intellicus cubes provided them with self-service multi-dimensional analysis, where users could drag and drop any dimension to slice and dice, and drill down to the lowest level to get to the granularity of transaction failures or rejections.

Apart from on-demand delivery of reports and dashboards on users’ browsers, Intellicus also automatically delivers alerts and reports based on the thresholds set by the users.

Intellicus’ intuitive mobile app on iOS and android platforms gave the C-Suite access to their critical reports on the move, with the same level of security incorporated as on a browser. Intellicus enabled instant decision making as the project owners did not want to wait until the completion of a large data warehousing implementation project to take up their BI initiatives.

Business Benefits

  • 360-degree view of operations
  • Faster decision making
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Unprecedented data security
  • BI at fingertips for C-Suite
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