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Integrated Advanced Analytics for a World Leading Manufacturing Solutions Provider

Intellicus > Integrated Advanced Analytics for a World Leading Manufacturing Solutions Provider

Integrated Advanced Analytics for a World Leading Manufacturing Solutions Provider


The organization provides digital transformation solutions to medium and large-scale manufacturing businesses. With innovative products and solutions in the fields of Service parts management, Augmented Reality, Industrial IoT, PLM and CAD solutions, this organization helps in modernizing operations for manufacturing industries.

The organization was looking to integrate high-performance analytics capabilities into their service parts optimization, service parts pricing, and performance analysis applications. With the help of advanced analytics inside their applications, the organization wanted to enable their customers generate operational intelligence, enhance operations, plan everyday activities, and optimize inventory and costs.


Their customers generate, store, and archive data from diverse sources. They were collecting information related to backorders, order execution, location data, parts and inventory, demand, pricing etc. from different systems. Their customers wanted to gain insights into optimum use of service parts, pricing, excess inventory, and other operations. They wanted to help their customers measure critical KPIs, analyze historical as well as current data, generate trends and forecasts, and get recommendations. The company had basic reporting features in their application, however, their customers demanded advanced analytics capabilities on their data.

They were looking for an analytics solution that would:

  • Provide high-performance, sub-second multi-dimensional OLAP capabilities
  • Provide descriptive analysis to bring out the causative factors for events like demand miss, back orders etc.
  • On-the-fly reports so as customers can quickly access critical information to plan everyday operations
  • Provide trends and forecasts
  • Provide performance analysis and intelligence dashboards to measure KPIs, monitor past performance and to plan everyday operations

Intellicus Solution

Intellicus has modernized the reporting and analytics capabilities in the company’s services parts management application. The seamless integration enables their customers to easily adopt Intellicus for their day-to-day reporting needs. Intellicus effortlessly reports over the data that the application collects from numerous sources. It provides them a single-view solution so as their end users can quickly bring out critical insights. Over the time, the number of modules in the application have grown from 1 to 3, Intellicus is a one-stop-solution to report over all these modules. It provides a collaborative and unified view of the complete operations.

Intellicus’ OLAP feature extensively helps the customer to pre-aggregate the colossal amount of data in the form of cubes. The cube formation activity is automatized using the scheduling feature. This has significantly reduced the time to insights and helps in acquiring right information at the right time to plan everyday operations.

The application admins create user defined reports and dashboards formats in simple steps. These are then shipped as out-of-the-box reports to end users. The pre-built reports and dashboards include performance 360-degree dashboard, fill rate analysis dashboard, backorder management dashboard, performance analysis dashboard, and more. These pre-built entities help users to simply pull in their data and start analyzing in quick time. With Intellicus, their users create schedules to automatically deliver critical insights to stakeholders right to their inboxes.

The built-in data science actions in Intellicus help users to bring out trends and forecasts so as they can efficiently plan future operations. With the help of insights from Intellicus, users get a better and granular clarity on their operations. They use these insights to enhance their everyday operations, plan future strategies, decipher profitable propositions, and improve their bottom-line.

Business Benefits

  • Single-view dynamic dashboard to derive a holistic viewpoint of complete data
  • White-labeled next-gen analytics capabilities embedded into the company application
  • Time to insights reduced from hours to seconds
  • Historical data analysis to bring out trends and forecasts
  • Automated formation of cubes, and distribution of reports to stakeholders
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