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Enabling Analytics-Driven, Smart Data Centers

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Enabling Analytics-Driven, Smart Data Centers


The company is a leading provider of integrated solutions for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries. They combine energy technologies, real-time automation, software and services into integrated solutions for their customers which are known for reliability and sustainability. Their teams work in hybrid IT environments and handle massive volume and variety of data across locations.

The company wanted to integrate a BI solution into its software to provide visibility of operations, capacity, and other parameters to their customers in the form of intuitive reports. They also wanted to perform efficiency analysis, capacity analysis, analysis of used vs available rack spaces, risk analysis, analysis of power consumption, and get trends and forecasts.

The company wanted insights to improve operational efficiency, data centers’ performance and optimize utilization of physical infrastructure capacities in shared data center models across their locations.

Business Challenge

The company needed a solution that could:

  • Provide administrators with a holistic view of the data center’s performance covering critical parameters like energy, capacity, equipment and floor space in real-time
  • Provide intuitive reports for their customers to monitor operations, get alert notifications on threshold violations to act on them timely, etc.
  • Provide modern real-world charts to get clear visibility on data centers performance with the ability to drill down to necessary granular information from within the charts
  • Provide trend lines and forecasts on capacity planning, asset management, power consumption
  • Provide intelligence on downtime due to maintenance and other activities
  • Provide intelligence on the right sizing of data centers, optimum utilization of physical infrastructure, used vs available rack spaces

Intellicus Solution

Intellicus is seamlessly integrated into its software solutions and delivers unified insights on data collected from different locations and devices.

Intellicus provides insights on the current usage of parameters such as power, cooling, network and U-Space. Also, Intellicus enables them to adjust forecast periods for highly configurable report parameters and achieve customized forecast reports for power consumption, heat generation, space utilization, port consumption, etc. With SVG based modern charts in Intellicus, business users view, monitor and interact with their reports with ease. They drill down to bring out and investigate detailed information from within the chart.

Intellicus dashboards help the organization provide clear visibility of business-critical information to its customers on a single screen. Users in the organization access Intellicus reports to get real-time insights on operations, asset management, capacity planning, efficiency planning, server metrics, maintenance downtimes, available rack spaces, and optimum utilization of their infrastructure.

Using Intellicus, the organization can monitor threshold violations and receive alerts about any impending exigency. It helps them in averting failure of business-critical infrastructure.

Business Benefits

  • A holistic view of the data center’s performance on real-world charts with SVG
  • Real-time prediction, what-if and trend reports on all data center operations & KPIs
  • Alert notifications on critical data inputs
  • Predictive intelligence on downtime, expected sizing and utilization of physical infrastructure
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