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Driving a data-driven culture with enterprise dashboards and cross functional insights for Amrutanjan

Intellicus > Driving a data-driven culture with enterprise dashboards and cross functional insights for Amrutanjan

Driving a data-driven culture with enterprise dashboards and cross functional insights for Amrutanjan

As the dawn of a new day sets in, employees roll up to the physical stores to begin their shifts. From ensuring sufficient products are stacked up for purchase to relaying inventory and replenishment status to their managers, the daily task list follows as usual. Behind the scenes, personnel from various departments attempt to communicate with each other, trying to find order in the chaos of manual tracking, attempting to collaborate and figure out what products need to go into production, whether there are enough resources to carry out the production and what products are ready for transportation to warehouses for storage and distribution. The information required to obtain a higher level of efficiency to enhance sales and maximize profits is present, albeit in various disparate sources, scattered and obfuscated, just waiting to be discovered. Extracting this information poses a time-consuming process and time is more of an adversary than an ally for any business operation.

Amrutanjan Health Care Limited, a venerable Indian pharmaceutical enterprise established in 1893, has garnered widespread recognition for its enduring commitment to wellness. Renowned for its iconic Amrutanjan Pain Balm, the company has expanded its product range to encompass a diverse array of pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions.

The Challenges

Amrutanjan sought to digitize their operations and achieve higher levels of operational efficiency and sustained business growth. They were in search of a business intelligence (BI) platform that could not only consolidate data from essential sources, but also create a centralized data mart to facilitate data analysis. They wanted to bridge the operational gaps between various departments through this data mart and provide individual dashboards to various departments, interlinked with one another, to ensure cross-functional efficiency.

Amrutanjan also wanted to address the gaps between actual sales and target. They found discrepancies in sales data that was captured manually through Excel, and needed to reconcile anomalies between excessive bookings towards month ends and order cancellations in the following week. This situation often led to excess production of goods, overstocking of warehouses and ultimately, a diminished shelf life of the products. They believed they could overcome this situation with real-time insights into transactions data, ultimately increasing the accuracy of sales figures and target achievements for sales representatives.

The Ask

  • Creating a real-time single source of information through the creation of a centralized data mart.
  • Capturing and integrating data from other external sources into the data mart for tracking business critical KPIs.
  • Unified dashboarding and reporting across the enterprise, from CEO, top-level execs all the way down to field operations.
  • Near real-time data for visibility into anomalies and outliers to identify bottlenecks, derive actionable insights and elevate efficiency.
  • Automation of MIS and daily operational reporting to enhance visibility and boost productivity.

With data at the forefront of the business, Amrutanjan believed that they would be able to prepare better business strategies, gain visibility into key aspects like sales channels and performance, optimize business operations and ultimately improve the business’s bottom line while adhering to their motto of “Pure Healthy Essence.”

They wanted a platform that could not only integrate and cleanse years of data, but one which could act as the brain of Amrutanjan in making future decisions. After thorough research and evaluation of many major BI platforms, they believed Intellicus was the perfect fit for their organization.

Intellicus Eliminated Data Siloes to Enable Real-Time Monitoring of the Business for Amrutanjan

Amrutanjan embarked on a transformative journey to streamline their data aggregation processes with Intellicus. The initial step involved the creation of a centralized data mart, consolidating data from various departments and sources within the organization. This initiative aimed to overcome the challenge of disparate data silos and establish a unified platform for data storage and management.

The data mart also facilitated the creation of individual dashboards across various verticals of the business, primarily sales, finance, marketing, purchase and SCM, enabling cross departmental insights that enhanced collaboration and drove efficiency.

Amrutanjan was also able to drastically reduce the manual intervention and time taken for the long and tedious reporting processes, facilitating the creation of reports in minutes, which otherwise took days or weeks. With a centralized data mart, streamlined reporting and individual dashboards, they eliminated the challenge of real-time monitoring the business across various departments, enabling them to make informed decisions based on accurate and up to date information.

Intellicus streamlined data management, augmented cross-departmental insights and drastically reduced the time taken in generating reports for Amrutanjan.

Intellicus Integrated Information from Multiple Departments to Track Business Critical KPIs for Amrutanjan

Building upon the foundation of the centralized data mart, Amrutanjan sought to enhance their analytical capabilities by integrating planning, budget, marketing and target information into the system, along with data from external sources. This integration would enable Amrutanjan to track key performance indicators (KPIs) critical to their business success. By capturing data from various sources and Excel sheets such as ad hoc planning, budget planning, target data and flat-files, Amrutanjan could monitor performance metrics in real-time and identify actionable insights with areas for improvement.

Expanding beyond internal data sources, Intellicus captured data from external sources like MARG, BARK and NEILSON data for comparative and competitive market analysis. This included structured and unstructured data, providing Amrutanjan with insights into market standing, spend per channel and other key metrics crucial for strategic decisions. By incorporating external data into the data mart, Intellicus empowered Amrutanjan with a comprehensive understanding of its competitive landscape and market dynamics.

Intellicus captured internal and external data for comparative and competitive analysis, enhancing Amrutanjan’s strategic decision capabilities.

Intellicus Facilitated Standardized Reporting and Comprehensive KPI Analysis for Amrutanjan

With a robust data foundation established, Amrutanjan aimed to standardize reporting practices across the organization. By leveraging Intellicus’ capabilities, Amrutanjan implemented unified reporting across the enterprise. From the CEO and top-level executives to field operations, everyone had access to consistent and reliable dashboards and reports, fostering transparency and alignment across departments. The time taken to generate individual reports was drastically reduced, enabling stakeholders to take timely business-critical decisions. This unified reporting approach not only facilitated better visibility and collaboration but also enabled Amrutanjan to gain actionable insights into business performance, driving strategic decisions.

“When we found that we had a product and the development team in the single platform and they are specialized in doing this for years now, we decided to move forward with Intellicus. We saw that they could really identify the challenges that we had with our data and what we were looking for in the future. With Intellicus, we had hope that we will be able to build the BI analytics platform that we are planning for tomorrow.”
– Soumomoy Pal,
GM of IT at Amrutanjan

For Sales KPIs, Intellicus enabled Amrutanjan to perform Year-over-Year (YoY) comparisons on a Year-to-Date (YTD), Month-to-Date (MTD), Quarter-to-Date (QTD) and Day-to-Day (DTD) basis, allowing for achieved vs target analysis using RAG (Red-Amber-Green) indicators. Furthermore, Amrutanjan could analyze primary, secondary and tertiary performance metrics by product group, location and channel, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of company-wide sales performance. Additionally, Intellicus facilitated the tracking of closing stock volumes and values by SKU, along with historical trend analysis based on various dimensions and hierarchical levels.

In terms of Inventory KPIs, Amrutanjan could monitor overall inventory positions YTD, analyze stock positions by zone, state, town and warehouse and conduct detailed product-wise inventory comparisons between the current year and the previous year, drillable down to the SKU level. For Finance KPIs, Intellicus provided Amrutanjan with insights into daily cash positions over the last 7 days, as well as debtor and creditor aging analysis.

Intellicus enabled standardized and transparent reporting across the enterprise for Amrutanjan, enabling them to monitor business performance and crucial KPIs.

Intellicus Enhanced Operational Visibility and Enabled Streamlined Business Health Monitoring for Amrutanjan

Amrutanjan prioritized the need for near real-time data to enhance operational visibility and agility. Leveraging Intellicus’ advanced analytics capabilities, Amrutanjan gained insights into anomalies and outliers within their data ecosystem, allowing them to monitor the health of the organization with ease and focus on more strategic parts of the business. This proactive approach enabled Amrutanjan to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in their processes, solving issues promptly and boosting operational efficiencies. By addressing issues as they emerged, Amrutanjan optimized their operations and remained responsive to evolving market dynamics, ensuring sustainable business growth and gaining a competitive edge.

Additionally, with Intellicus’ automated and unified reporting capabilities, Amrutanjan could access key finance, HR, marketing and sales KPIs at a glance. This comprehensive view of performance metrics enabled Amrutanjan’s stakeholders to make data-driven decisions, aligning efforts across departments.

Utilizing real-time data insights to identify and promptly address anomalies and outliers, Intellicus empowered Amrutanjan with enhanced agility and proactive management.

Intellicus Enhanced Strategic Decisions for Daily Business Activities for Amrutanjan

Intellicus streamlined the processes of collecting, processing and analyzing data from various operational systems through automation, ensuring faster reporting, increased accuracy, real-time insights and improved efficiency for Amrutanjan. With comprehensive insights about the business and automated daily reports, Intellicus empowered Amrutanjan with early problem identification, performance monitoring, enhanced transparency and improved communication across departments, while at the same time mitigating manual intervention and freeing up valuable time for resources to focus on business-critical tasks.

Intellicus provided automated, real-time insights into everyday operations, enhancing reporting accuracy and enabling early detection of problems for Amrutanjan.

With Intellicus, Amrutanjan underwent a transformative journey to optimize their data management processes. Intellicus provided a 360-degree view of the entire business operations for Amrutanjan, empowering the CEO and top-level executives with insights at their fingertips, facilitating informed decision-making. Amrutanjan successfully monitored a wide range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) spanning across sales, inventory and finance domains.

Intellicus offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, from data integration and centralized data aggregation to real-time analytics and unified reporting. Discover how Intellicus can be your trusted partner in maximizing the value of your data –

  • Integrated internal and external data with a centralized data mart
  • Streamlined monitoring of business critical KPIs with 360 dashboards
  • Enhanced operational visibility with real-time outlier alerts
  • Unified reporting across departments with individual dashboards for verticals
  • Automated MIS and daily reporting for proactive management
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