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Everyday Analytics with Intellicus Self-Service BI

Intellicus self-service BI empowers everyone, right from the CEO to a field executive. Stay ahead of your competitors with data analytics ingrained at every level and employed in every decision. Analyze data on your own, create reports, make self-explanatory visualizations and realize the inherent power of your own data with Intellicus BI.

Self-Service BI and Adhoc Reporting

Simplified Analytics, Data-driven Organization

Decision-making Accelerated

Become a truly data-driven organization by enabling all your employees to analyze data on their own. Quickly make time-sensitive business decisions with constant access to insights. Cut the IT backlogs, multiple tos & fros and long turnaround time for reports. Answer your own questions, create personalized reports and customize visualizations as per the precise need with Intellicus self-service BI.

Insights for Everyone

Enhance employee agility and organizational results with shared and consistent insights based on a single source of truth. Use drag and drop to simplify complex data into intuitive visualizations and reports. Drill down to figure out the critical under-performing areas and take actions to optimize. Get result inducing insights at the right time with scheduled report delivery and keep tabs on the business performance.

Adhoc Reporting and Data Visualization

Specific Insights, Enhanced Performance

Observe enhanced team performances with Intellicus’ interactive analytics and reporting. Being the industry professional, you understand the department-specific business issues and pain points that need to be addressed every day. Answer these specific questions with the speed of thought, drill through your complex data and bring out visually understandable and actionable insights with Intellicus ad-hoc reporting.

Find Opportunities with Predictive Analytics

  • Discover the new business opportunities by executing time series analysis on sales, enhancing customer targeting and improving campaign performance & revenue.
  • Unleash the power of your data by predicting trends, recognizing behavior patterns, spotting anomalies, detecting fraud, forecasting multi-location inventories, preventing errors and planning for potential issues.
  • Enhance your business’ bottom-line, operational and financial performance by running What-if analysis on performance indicators of all segments.
  • Evade investment risks by conducting What-if analysis on Pilot projects and testings.
Intellicus-roles and responsiblities

Automated Data Preparation

Make dynamic decisions with advanced data discovery accessible to day-to-day business users. Eliminate the complex and time-consuming data preparation process needing IT support. With a few drags & drops and simple clicks blend data from multiple sources including traditional & modern databases, web services, and streaming data. Generate insights faster than in-memory solutions with Intellicus’ patented technology (& pipeline architecture). Join, aggregate, transform and split data, test hypothesis, create reports and make inferences with absolutely no coding or SQL queries.

Multi-dimensional Analysis

Derive company-wide consistent insights & perform 360-degree analysis using a centralized data repository. Conduct superfast interactive analysis & reporting on a huge amount of data with high performance indexed file structure (multidimensional data view/cube). Extract/ Blend data from multiple structured and unstructured sources, drill-down and drill through to view the lowest level of data. Drill up your data for a bird’s-eye view of the business and slice & dice to switch between various data dimensions to understand your complex data and bring out crucial comprehensive data points and insights.

Take a Step Towards a Data-Driven Organization