Enterprise Reporting & BI

Business Reports

Create and format Ad-hoc reports with ease. Use desktop or web studio to design elaborate & pixel-perfect reports.

Self-Serve Dashboards

Visualize your business data, monitor overall performance & make informed business decisions. Drill down to business KPI’s, derived from co relating multiple data sources and highlight the areas of improvement.

Mobile BI

Analyze your business insights anywhere anytime. You can easily download reports and dashboards on the go and interact with them.

Multilingual Support

Visualize important reports in your own language without any boundaries. Support for more than 30 International languages.

Multi tenancy & Data Security

Host Intellicus as a service and share insights on the cloud. Our multi-tenant solution can be deployed quickly, and offers secure measures and compliance mechanisms to ensure data security.

Scheduler & Dispatcher

Enterprise class security with encrypted data and data recall feature. Our multiple layers of security ensure 100% data protection on all devices.

Smart View

Smart View

A self-service tool to design Ad-hoc reports with drag and drop actions for performing on-the-fly operations.

Instant & Easy Analytics

Business users can build their own reports to see and analyze their data without IT dependency.

Brilliant Visualizations

Get contemporary style of web controls like dynamic data grids and various charting options for data depiction.

Smart Exporting

Business users can publish and share their reports with other select users. Intellicus reports can be exported to Office tools such as word, excel, power point etc. in their respective native data format.

Business Metalayer

Built-in ETL

Extract the data from diverse sources- both modern and traditional, and then transform them by cleansing, joining, adding calculated fields etc. And load data to a target data store or into a report.

Data Extraction and Forwarding Agent (DEFA)

Extract the data from diverse sources, visually transform it as per your usability and load the transformed data back into data stores. All of this can be done in a few clicks.

Business Metalayer

Intellicus data-modelling hides from business users the complexity of datasets irrespective of them coming from one or more data sources that maybe extracted using highly technical querying process. We do simplified business intelligence!

High Speed Reporting

Generate useful intelligence with Built-in OLAP

Build multi-dimensional cubes of data from multiple data sources. Slice and dice the attributes, drill through multiple levels and analyze your data for deeper business insights.

Dimension Bursting

With one click Intellicus lets you burst open your cube in all possible dimensions, and lets you slice and dice all views at the same time.