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Support of Custom-defined Summary Functions in Reports

Till our previous version, the end user could only use some predefined basic and statistical summary functions like SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX etc.
With Intellicus 7.2, you can now use custom-defined summary functions for summarizing data values in reports.

These summary functions can be defined in a class implementing IScriptFunction interface. The .jar file of this class should be placed in ReportEngine > lib folder.
There should also be an .xml file containing all the entries of .jar file and placed in ReportEngine> config folder.


A sample .xml file would look like this:


Upon restart of the Intellicus Report Server followed by Web Server, end user would be able to see these summary functions as any other function in the list.

The summary functions created by the end user would appear under Ad hoc Visualizer > Grid > Total as shown below:


The custom summary functions under Standard reports appear as shown below:


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