Intellicus: Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights PlatformEnterprise Reporting & Business Insights Platform

New Features

Services to Third Party BI Tools

You can now connect to Intellicus Server from third-party BI tools like Excel and Tableau using OLEDB for OLAP drivers.

Connecting from MS Excel

MS Excel provides connectivity to various data sources for pulling in flat data or cube data.

To connect to Intellicus cubes, you can choose Data -> Other Sources -> From Analysis Services

You can type-in Intellicus portal URL address and your Intellicus credentials to connect to Intellicus porta.


Connecting from MS Excel


You can select the category to list the cubes and to select a cube to do Pivot table or Pivot chart analysis in MS Excel.

Select a cube for Pivot chart analysis in Excel


After connecting to a cube from Intellicus, you can select required Row Label fields, Column Label fields and Value fields from PivotTable Field List to create PivotTable.

Cube view in excel


Connection from Tableau

You can create a connection to Intellicus from Tableau Desktop.

In Tableau desktop, choose menu Connect to Data > Microsoft Analysis Services and specify Intellicus portal URL.

Upon connecting, you can select an Intellicus cube:

Connection to Intellicus from Tableau


You can select dimensions and measures from the cube into a Tableau report.

Cube view in tableau report


Enhanced User Interface

For easy navigation and intuitive user experience , this release has improved the overall application's navigation system, tool bars and dialogs.


Slide-in Menu

The slide-in that had four visible buttons has gone thinner. This menu appears as a thin bar on the left edge and slides in upon mouse-over in that area.

The color theme and the icons have also changed.


Easy navigation and intuitive user experience


Action pane

The vertical toolbar that appeared upon selecting an object - report or others has been changed to a simpler text menu.

Most commonly used actions are primarily visible on action pane that opens to the right of selected object. The rarely used actions are visible upon clicking more.

The action pane also shows the properties of the object.

Action on reports


Right-click Control

The list of all actions applicable on an object say Query Object, Dashboard, Report or more are now available upon right-click.

Action on reports

Simplified Tool bars

Most of the tool button operated functions are moved into simple text menu under the Settings (gear icon) on the right top corner of respected dialogs.

Simple text menu under the settings (gear icon)






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