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New Data base Connections

Impala as new Data Source

Intellicus provides support to Cloudera Impala service as a data source to read data from big data systems.

You can create a database connection to Impala service and use the connection to create Query Objects.

Database connection to Impala service

You can use standard Impala queries as a data source statement and create Query Objects.

A sample Impala query to fetch records from external tables of Impala that use HDFS files is shown below:

Impala query properties


Solr as new Data Source

Intellicus provides connectivity to Apache Solr as a data source.

You can create connection to a Solr server with following details.

Intellicus establishes a REST API based connectivity to Solr Server.

SOLR connection

A Solr query can be used to create a Query Object in Intellicus.

Although Solr provides different response formats, Intellicus collects the response using a HTTP GET method and provides response in a result set format.

End user can perform Ad hoc Querying and reporting - filtering, grouping and sorting functions on the response data returned by Solr.

SOLR query properties


Watch this space for support for Elastic Search in next release.




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