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Ad hoc Visualizer

Intellicus’ Ad hoc Visualizer is a new and intuitive web-based self-service tool to visualize and analyze large amounts of data.

It helps to generate reports by performing desired data operations on-the-fly on datasets from disparate sources.

Ad hoc Visualizer enables quick visualizations by initiating implicit sampling and caching of data.

You can have your data represented in grid, matrix, map and various forms of charts.


The View Mode

When an Ad hoc Report is opened for viewing, it opens in View Mode of Ad hoc Visualizer, which provides an interactive experience of viewing report.

While viewing a report you may sort, reposition columns or view charts in different ways to analyze the data as per your need.

You may navigate to various tabs that the visualizer provides - Grid view tab, Matrix view tab, Chart or Map View tabs, as per the content of the report.


You can save the view level changes that you make to a report, when you have enough access rights and you can save or export a snapshot of the report you are viewing.


Designing New Report using Ad hoc Vizualizer

When you open Ad hoc Visualizer tool from menu, it opens with blank content- ready to design a new Ad hoc report.

You start from selecting a data source for the report. Independent of how large the dataset is a sample of data is quickly generated to get you started on visualizing the data.

You can opt to load the complete data in order to view the final report output.


Design mode

The Ad hoc visualizer comes into Design mode when create a new report or you choose to change the mode from viewing an Ad hoc report.

You can add visual types or controls to the report. You can control the behavior of each report control such as grid or chart.

You can set filtering, highlighting, ranking and other many options with quick and interactive results of the changes.


Grid Visualizer

Ad hoc visualizer grid provides fast response to user interactions like searching data in columns, sorting, re-sizing and re-positioning of columns.

You can create groups and apply ranking based on calculations and easily highlight rows based on conditions.

The groups created in grid are collapsible and can be arranged by a ranking order to quickly reach the desired detailed row.

Below is a image that shows a sample visualizer grid with grouping:

Sample visualizer grid with grouping


Chart Visualizer

Ad hoc Visualizer allows creating multiple charts on a data set and arrange them in one or more tabs. These can zoom and are animated charts for detailed analysis.

The below image shows a chart tab created with 2 charts - one showing breakup by location and card type and another showing trend on timeline.

Ad hoc visualizer allows creating multiple charts


Matrix Visualizer

You can summarize your data set in the form of a pivot table with cross tabulated values on the matrix viewer.

The matrix viewer provides expanding and collapsing in both directions - rows and columns.

Ad hoc Visualizer allows you to highlight a cell, cell family, or an entire row or column of a matrix based on cell level conditions.


matrix view in ad hoc visualizer

You can link Matrix and Chart so that any changes made in one component gets automatically reflected in the other.


GIS Map Visualizer

GIS map visualization provides heat maps on various location maps and drill down.

A map showing web site visits from different locations of the USA is shown below:

Web site visits from different locations of the USA



All the previously created ad hoc reports can run in Ad hoc Visualizer. In addition to viewing your report, you can also apply on-the-fly visualizations on the report.


Visualizer Road map

Ad hoc visualizer is the new age visualization platform of Intellicus.

Ad hoc visualizer will include more visual controls and will support more sources in the future.




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