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New Data Sources

File Data Source

Intellicus 6 supports using CSV files source for Query Objects. These files can be located on local to report server path, a network path, a HTTP Location, HDFS, FTP location or an Amazon S3 location.

To manage and secure the source paths of the data files, the location of files have been referred as connections.

System Administrator can create a connection specifying the details of the location, and all data files from that location shall be available to the Data Administrators, (to whom the connection access rights are granted) for creating Query Objects and reporting.

The file types supported are txt, csv (any separator), and zipped form of txt and csv files.

Web Service

Intellicus 6 supports creating connection to a web server that provides SOAP based web service.

The Data Administrator who gets access rights on this connection can design Query Objects based on data sets served by the web services.

Green Plum

Intellicus connects to Green plum MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) Database and does Analytics and reporting over it.


Intellicus connects to Vertica database. Supported Vertica version is 5.0.11.


Intellicus 6 allows you to do reporting over Teradata. Supported Teradata version is 13.10.


GridSQL can be used as a reporting database in intellicus 6


Intellicus now supports this file based database as a reporting database. Supported version is 1.0.79


Intellicus allows to connecting to Sand Database 6.1 and later versions using JDBC or ODBC drivers.

ODBC connection can be created using the DSN name and other details. DSN shall be created on the machine where Intellicus engine is running.


Intellicus 6 allows you to do reporting over Firebird. Firebird 2.5.1 is supported in the current release.

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