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Intellicus Product Brochure

Simplifying Business Intelligence with Intellicus

Intellicus is a comprehensive suite that meets all the BI needs of a business.

Mobile BI

Business Analytics on Mobile

Intellicus Mobile BI takes your reports and analytics to tablets and phones, on both Android and iOS platforms.

Intellicus Data Sources

Analytics from all your data

Experience incredible visualizations without having to worry about where your data is. Intellicus lets you easily connect and bring in data from diverse sources.

Embedded BI

Embed. Add value.

Intellicus gives the power of comprehensive Business Intelligence to your application, enabling your users to visually analyze your application data.

Real time visualizations

Real-time Visualizations on Streaming Data

Intellicus introduces real-time visualizations on streaming data enabling you to analyze your data as it comes, without any time lag.

Case Studies

Banking Case Study

Banks Enhance Efficiency through ATM Management Automation

Designed and delivered a solution for banks to monitor and maintain the health of their ATMs.

Risk Management Case Study

Intellicus for Risk Management Companies

Designed a solution for risk management companies, who have to measure thousands of businesses and create their risk reports on a quarterly basis.

Finance Case Study

Leading global Financial authority improves operations with Intellicus

Delivered a self-service BI solution certified for enterprise-grade security, that helped the client reduce their cost of transactions.