Intellicus launches workforce management solution: FLOW, at Global WFM conference

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Intellicus launches workforce management solution: FLOW, at Global WFM conference

Intellicus technologies launched FLOW, the new-age workforce management (WFM) solution at the Global WFM conference, Bengaluru on 21st September 2022. Flow was launched at the event by Intellicus’s first WFM customer, Mr. Naozer Dalal, Deputy CEO, Conneqt Business Solution Limited.

What is Flow?

FLOW is the ‘New Age of WFM’, bringing the best of AutoML, AI and Cloud technologies to optimizing workforces. A modern WFM solution that has the flexibility and power to turn challenges into fuel for growth, Flow is customized and optimized for each business it serves. and helps workforce managers forecast and plan with confidence. Offering solutions for omnichannel inbound as well as outbound operations, FLOW counts CBSL, Hexaware, and 1Point1 among its clients. With FLOW, now BPMs can –

1. Connect with over 75 data sources

Wherever the data lives and whichever system is chosen to use, Flow supports them all, to mine rich insights from over 75 data sources.

2. Forecasting- forecast with confidence

Infuse the contact center with Auto ML to take the guesswork out of forecasting.

3. Capacity planning- Balance cost with customer delight

Find the perfect balance between meeting SLAs and optimal staffing for omnichannel.

4. Shift identifier-Plug leakages and elevate productivity

With ML, plan the right number and type of shifts to control the leakages without the tedious manual work.

5. Rostering and scheduling-Match the best agent for every customer opportunity

Allocate the right number of agents with right skills at the right time. Offload the administrative tasks of rostering and scheduling to Intellicus Flow.

6. WFM Analytics and Dashboard- Create a culture of excellence

Elevate both customer experience and productivity with real-time & interactive 360-degree dashboards. Use the insights at the right time and in the preferred format to surpass every KPI.

At the Global WFM Summit 2022, Flow won the much-deserved ‘WFM Gamechanger Award’. Speaking on the occasion, Rajesh Murthy, VP – Engineering at Intellicus Technologies, said “FLOW understands the need for BPM companies to balance rich customer experience with profitability. It also empowers traditional WFM teams to keep pace with a rapidly changing industry and thanking everyone who onboarded the journey to bring FLOW to life”

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