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Unleash the Power of Your Data

Intellicus is powerful analytics platform for your enterprise. With features like ad-hoc reporting, high speed OLAP, real-time analytics and mobile analytics, Intellicus has everything that you needed in your BI, ever.

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Intelligent Insights for Everyone

Intellicus comes with a wide array of features that meet all your BI needs.

Canned Standard Reporting

Design highly formatted, pixel perfect, printable forms and operational reports.

Self-serve Ad hoc Reporting

Customize reports according to your business needs using our intuitive, drag-and-drop UI.

High Speed OLAP

Explore all your data in a single screen to get a panoramic view of your business.

ETL Enabled Metalayer

Join data from multiple systems to bring them into a single report or dashboard.

Personalized Dashboards

Create interactive, real-time dashboards with modern style visualizations

Report Scheduling and Bursting

Schedule to auto deliver reports to various stakeholders.

Big Data connectivity

Connect to all Big data ecosystems. You can leverage the power of all popular Big Data platforms by connecting with them through Intellicus.

Enterprise Mobility

Stay connected with your data anywhere, anytime with Intellicus mobile BI.

Multilingual Support

Read your data in the language of your choice. 30+ international languages to choose from. Intellicus let’s you visualize important reports in your own language without any boundaries.

Leading enterprises make data driven decisions with Intellicus


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