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Embedded Business Intelligence

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Intellicus gives the power of comprehensive Business Intelligence to your application, enabling your users to visually analyze your application data. With Intellicus, you can enable your customers to make data-driven decisions and get an edge over your competitors with self-serve BI capabilities.

Single Sign-On Integration

Intellicus provides seamless screen embedding as well as data integration with different applications through an extensive range of data and controller APIs. Our highly secure, single sign-on integration ensures that you get a secured reporting workspace for each user and can navigate between your application and the reporting screens with appropriate authorizations & authentications.

White Label Product

You can brand Intellicus BI with your name, logo and aesthetics. Intellicus can be embedded into your applications with the same look and feel that your product has. You can even customize the Intellicus UI themes to make it look like a part of your product when you take it to your customers.

Embedded Mobile BI

Intellicus Mobile BI takes your reports and analytics to tablets and phones, on both Android and iOS platforms, and gives you instant access to your business insights. Our mobile BI SDK embeds all the mobile BI features into your mobile application. You can create your own mobile application or release a customized version on the App store in a few hours by using Intellicus mobile SDK.

Packaging & Deployment

There are two architecture options to deploy Intellicus. You can either run Intellicus and the host application on a separate web server or you can embed Intellicus inside the host application. Intellicus’ industry-leading installation integration and reporting objects’ packaging and deployment mechanism helps you develop and distribute reports and dashboards with extraordinary ease.

Personalized Localization

You can localize your data insights in your preferred language while using Intellicus. Intellicus comes in more than 34 international languages. Users from different geographies can view the data in respective local language from the same multi-tenant instance. 

Training and Support Offerings

The support team of Intellicus comprises of best-in-class professionals who can assist you in achieving shortest time to market. Through our online and in-person training sessions, we ensure that you are up to speed with Intellicus quickly and are able to handle the first level of your customers’ queries. Our support team is available 24*7 to help you resolve and manage customer incidences, as needed.