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Intellicus training team comprises of well qualified educationists and engineers, who are full time engaged in upgrading the technology and functional knowledge-base levels of our customers and partners.

Intellicus has various training packages for report designers, data administrators and system administrators. Training can be provided on-line over the internet, for distributed audience. We also have class room sessions that are regularly conducted in our centers in India and the US. These sessions can also be customized and conducted at your premises.

Course ID Course Name Course Description Syllabus
IBU 01 Business User View Intellicus ‘Business User View’ is specially designed for Business users to create Ad-hoc reports on their own quickly. Learn basic report delivery options such as scheduling reports, emailing and exporting to desired formats. Learn creating personal dashboards on your own.
IAR 02 Configuring Ad-hoc report Learn to design report objects and prepare a semantic meta layer for your business users to create or modify their own ad-hoc reports.
IRCSA 01 Report Server Configuration & System Administration Learn Intellicus system administration for managing access rights, database connections etc. It also covers advanced security features of masking data, auditing etc
SRD-I Standard Report Designing -I The ‘Standard Report Designing’ course of Intellicus is spread in two parts. The first part is the basic level which is for the designers to design a report using our Windows Studio. Designers can design pixel perfect reports with minimum efforts
SRD-II Standard Report Designing -II The advanced Standard Report Designing course ensures designers can design a complex report with minimum efforts. In this course designers can display a Chart, Matrix and any other item on the report.
MPT 01 Maintenance and Performance Tuning Learn to tune Intellicus for high performance for high volume and high concurrency deployments. We recommend the course for system administrators.
TRB 01 iSupport Learn to troubleshoot Intellicus installation and production issues. We recommend the course for ISV support staff.
ISYI 01 Intellicus System Integration Learn application programming interfaces of Intellicus for embedding the reporting in your applications UI, with single sign-on integration. Recommended for application developers and system integrators
ILB 01 Intellicus Load Balancer Learn to setup and manage a clustered reporting environment for achieving fail over and QoS load balancing.
CCF 01 ipackager Learn the concepts and steps of creating a repository bundle with your designed reports and report objects for distributing and deploying at your customer site. Recommended for ISVs