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Self-Serve Analytics on the Cloud

Cost Effective Cloud Solution

Intellicus provides a complete business intelligence solution that enables you to get deeper insights from your data, whenever you want. We have partnered with AWS and Azure platforms to give our users a comprehensive, hassle-free cloud BI solution. You can instantly access Intellicus from cloud and pay as per your usage.

Instant access

Pay as you go, hourly billing

Available for Windows and Linux platforms

Scalable to any number of users

Intellicus on Azure

Use Intellicus BI server on Azure to create a comprehensive data analytics platform over your diverse data sources, whether you’re keeping your data on-premise or on the cloud. Intellicus BI Server on Azure gives you the flexibility to build reports and dashboards and pay as you go starting at $0.30! You can simply plug in your data and start analyzing it instantly and share meaningful insights on your business metrics with key people. Deploy today on public cloud with Azure to fulfill your cloud strategy.

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Intellicus On Azure

Plug and Play With Your Data, Whenever You Need

Intellicus on Cloud brings together all of its enterprise analytics, mobile, and security features into one comprehensive cloud solution. It comes with AWS assurance of best-in-class performance scalability and security. Get the analytics and insights that you need, without worrying about hardware or IT. You can use it for yourself or embed it into your other SaaS products.

Product Features
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Quick Deployment

Immediately available to use. Get started in minutes and build reports right from day one. There is no wait time.

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Easy Data Connection

Built-in ETL that supports multiple data sources. It is extremely easy for you to connect your data with Intellicus.

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Strong Security

Industry’s best security certifications and standards. You can analyze your data in different ways, without compromising its security.

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Low Cost, Low Risk

No upfront infrastructure costs. You can buy and use what you need, when you need it.

Ready for ISVs

SaaS providers can easily adopt Intellicus in their development environment, design reports and host it as a service for their clients and customers.