BI at your fingertips

The smartphone evolution has been one of the fastest and most dynamic of all technology evolutions in the modern era. Mobile Apps have become all-encompassing and an integral part of our lives. Today, being connected alone is not the key, being on top of your game, irrespective of where and when, is the real way to success!

Business Users are perpetually on the move, and the business dynamics are forever changing. This creates a unique need to stay connected and in control at all times. Intellicus Mobile BI app addresses exactly this!

As an extension to our web platform, Intellicus’ intuitive and easy-to-use mobile BI app lets users view and interact with their dashboards and reports, on their iOS or android handheld devices. You can extend your business reports built using the Intellicus web version to the mobile version.

View our webcast to understand how you can get a 360° view of your business data on the go, and instant access to your important business insights.

In this webinar we have focused on Intellicus Mobile BI’s exceptional usability and interactive experience. We have also discussed:

  1. Interactive dashboards
  2. OLAP on Mobile
  3. Mobile ready report viewer
  4. Enterprise security