High speed reporting for everyone!

High Speed Reporting for Everyone!

Analyzing data for multiple dimensions and getting relative insights is now super easy. High speed reporting in Intellicus lets you create a panoramic view of key business insights in seconds.

Using intuitive filtering options, you can drill into any level of your data, and also navigate across dimensions to get a 360-degree view of your business.

Navigate to multiple dimensions and get relative analytics.

Drill up or down your data to see insights against different measures.

360-degree panoramic view in a single screen.

Multi-dimensional analytics on data in few clicks.

Build reports on different metrics within seconds, get ALL your insights in a single screen.

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About Intellicus: Intellicus is one of the world’s leading Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms. More than 60% of Fortune companies are using Intellicus to build powerful reports and dashboards with ease. Our interactive web and mobile platforms give users the power to access, view, and interact with corporate data anywhere. With over 50,000 installations worldwide, we are assisting organizations to make better informed decisions.

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