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Business Intelligence challenges of Financial institutes

Expanding operations, increased customer expectations and tighter regulations leave the financial institutes fighting a unique battle with their data assets. It is difficult for them to glean information from high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety of data. With limited insight into their business operations, these organizations struggle to deliver customer satisfaction. Greater visibility into performance and smarter data-driven decisions will help them gain customer loyalty. In this letter we intend to list down some of the key challenges that we have seen and their solutions.

Case study

Case study: Leading global Financial authority improves operations with Intellicus

Read our latest case study to understand how Intellicus helped one of the biggest financial regulation authorities to govern more than 700 financial institutes. Read more.

Case Study: Banks Enhance Efficiency through ATM Management Automation

Read our case study to see how Intellicus worked with a world leader in automated customer transaction technologies and helped banks improve ATM availability and provide better consumer service. Read here.

Intellicus for ATM Management

Intellicus for OEMs

You can seamlessly embed Intellicus BI into your financial application, and enable your users to visually analyse data. With quick implementation of single sign-on, you can add self-serve analytics to your application today. Know how.

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